MASKAY a 3D Broadcasted Film, a Book,a DVD, a Blu-Ray 3D, an Exhibition

80 people, 2 months in jungle, 90% humidity, 40°c temperature, 2 rigs 3D, Helicopter, Montgolfier, rafts

"Maskay, the lost world adventurers" will be broadcast on Canal+ in 3D on Wednesday, December 14, 2011. Well more than a documentary film, the expedition carried out in the heart of Madagascar is the subject of a book, a 3D Blu-ray, a DVD and an exhibition at the Cité of Sciences and Industry in Paris.

In 2007 the young explorer Evrard Wendenbaum cultivates the dream to go with an international team of researchers to the rocky trails of Maskay, an almost unknown region Southeast of Madagascar. Canal + follows his project and decides to make a 90 minute documentary but this time in 3D, with Binocle.

This difficult production and technical and human challenges will be entrusted to Gédéon Programmes, with Pierre Stine directing a Binocle production in 3DS. In record time, Binocle 3D developed the lightest equipment possible, that is both manageable and reliable, while four of its best stereographs are sent on the expedition. For two months, the 80 participants of the expedition are going to immerse you in the maze of this hostile massif in total autonomy. With close to 90% humidity, heat spiking up to 113° Fahrenheit, torrential rains, infected wounds, this was the daily grind of a group of international researchers to study one of the last havens of biodiversity, now threatened by an unregulated deforestation


The adventure is now over, and scientists will take several years to analyze, decrypt, and inventory the many samples taken from Maskay. But already theaudience of Canal + can share the most intense moments of this exploration during the broadcast of an exceptional documentary in 3D on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 20: 50 on french Canal +.


The next day, the film will be available on Blu-Ray 3D and 2D DVD. The magnificent book "Maskay, the discovery of the last Eden" proposed by Editions de La Martinière and Canal + will also be available in bookstores (32 euros).

In collaboration with Naturevolution, the Cité of Science and Industry has organized an exhibition on the scientific work from November 7, 2011 to January 2, 2012.

Binocle 3D was proud to join this ambitious project and offers thanks all the partners of this film for their confidence.

90 minutes documentary in 3D
Director Pierre Stine
Producer Stéphane Millière for Gédéon Programmes
Executive producer Laurent Baujard
Co-production Nexus Factory
Binocle 3D
3D NetCo
Participation Canal+
DVD and Blu-Ray edited by Studiocanal
Book Editions of Martinière-Canal+.