LMP's HD Multi-X 3D

The HD Multi-X 3D will be in operation today in a Polecam application at the Bundesliga top match Bayern Munich - Borussia Dortm

The HD Multi-X 3D is a universal 3D video processor used for stereoscopic 3D production- and broadcast applications. It enables live 3D monitoring and recording from any 3D signal via a single HDMI stream in various configurations. For single stream recording or transmission, a side-by-side output is provided in HDSDI. In reverse mode, this signal is re-formatted to DVI in various configurations and the two original HDSDI streams.

Multi-X 3D internally synchronizes the two input channels to reference channel A. Each channel can be shifted in horizontal- and vertical direction via an external remote control or pc software. The DVI output can be overlayed with vertical markers in a distance of 32 pixels. Most of the common 3D formats are supported - even anaglyph and frame sequential with field index.


The HD Multi-X 3D will be in operation today in a Polecam and in GoalCam applications at the Bundesliga top match Bayern Munich - Borussia Dortmund.

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