LMC releases Antelope PICO at NAB 2012

The world´s first POV style Ultra Slow Motion System

Antelope PICO is the newest member of LMC´s Antelope camera family. It is based on a State-Of-The-Art 2/3“ CMOS chip providing 2K capabilities,a Global Shutter and extreme photo-sensitivity at 600ISO 0dB. The camera head measures a small 29x29x50mm and therefore fits in surroundings where no other Slomo Camera has gone before.

In-Goal, on-board or underwater – Finally it will be possible to display stunning action not just as live-camera but also as UltraSlowMotion replay.

The integrated frame buffer records up to 330 frames/second (660 frs/sec in extended mode) in native HD1080i. Sequences of max. 30 seconds @ 330 frs/sec are possible using a 32GB memory storage. A permanent LIVE HD SDI output is available also during replay.

Both software based and RS232 serial controls are available. LMC has designed special broadcast OCP and RCP to integrate the Antelope PICO in professional broadcast environment. The idea is to use only one RCP and one OCP for up to 4 cameras. Wireless and Fibre solutions are available.


Antelope PICO will be available for sale, lease or rent right after NAB 2012. The Antelope PICO with all available accessories will be on display at NAB 2012 at the LMC booth C12042.

Up to 4 Antelope PICO can be controlled via one RCP and one OCP


Main Features
- state-of-the-art 2K sensor
- extremely photosensitive
- smallest possible dimensions 
- 3D capabilities
- dynamic replays
- fully remote controllable
- LMC Broadcast Standard OCP / RCP
- Fibre Link and Wireless transmission
- Camera head dimensions 29mm x 29mm x 50mm

Technical Specs
- 2K CMOS 2/3 sensor
- Global Shutter
- 600 ISO 0dB
- 1080i 50/59.94/60
- 1080p 23.98 to 1080p 60 - 4:2:2
- 23.98p to 30p 4:2:2 / 4:4:4 RAW and 2K option
- 9.5 stops dynamic
- 25-330 frames/sec highpeed replay via ram buffer
- 660 frs/sec (double image mode)
- 30 second replay @ 330 frs/sec
- permanent HD SDI Live output
- optional HDR
- image flip/flop horizontal/vertical
- output 2x 3gbit HD SDI
- power 12-24V
- telemetry control via RS485/RS232 (fibre link possible)
- c-mount (PL and B4 mount adaptation available)