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LMC and Chroma Film & TV shot s3D-Highspeed-Trailer with the SwissRig and two Phantom HD Gold

s3D Rigg with two Phantom Gold

As part of a s3D project at the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg, LMC Live Motion Concept GmbH and chroma TV shot a full trailer on the swissrig with two Phantom HD Gold Highspeed Cameras in collaboration with academy students. The fully synchronized control of the Phantom HD Gold highspeed cameras developed by LMC and the perfectly matched SwissRig from Chroma Film & TV enabled a comfortable workflow and quick playback of the recorded sequences in s3D. At the film set a instant visual inspection of the stereoscopic images with a s3D Monitor and s3D glasses was possible.

LMC offers three Phantom HD Gold Cameras for hire

"As of now, it is relatively easy to create high speed stereoscopic images in full HD resolution," says Tobias S. Gramm, LMC's project manager, „it opens new possibilities for advertising and feature films, even sport events can be shot in stereoscopic super slow motion. " The complete setup with two Phantom HD Gold Cameras and the s3D SwissRig including all required equipment and trained personnel can now be requested at Chroma Film & TV or LMC LiveMotionConcept GmbH. LMC still offers three Phantom HD Gold Cameras for hire. The Phantom HD Gold is the improvement of the Phantom HD, with much better color accuracy and optimized dynamic range, as well as a new and improved sensor Bayer pattern. For the broadcast sector LMC offers the established "antelope" high-speed-system used among others again at the Ski Jumping Four Hills Tournament in Germany/Austria and the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver./Canada. Because of the rising demand for stereoscopic content and the integration of real shot pictures in "standard" CGI animation, Chroma Film & TV introduces a s3D Database in the spring of next year. To provide the necessary amount of shots until February 2010 Chroma will offer at least 5 stereoscopic units. The range of cameras includes Sony EX3, Modula Junior/Classic up to the Sony F23 and now the Phantom HD Gold, which will be mount on the precise SwissRig from the Imartis AG as well as a SidebySide solution. The s3D-Clip will be completely finished and graded by the end of January, individual sequences could be already shown on request. The post-production and computer-generated animations are realized by the students of the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg. Crew: Director - Peter Hacker, DOP – Jann Doeppert , responsible for CGI - Johannes Peter, production manager - Catherine Ackermann. Marc Briede of Chroma TV - stereographic supervisor, cetup and control of Phantom cameras - Tobias S. Gramm for LMC.