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LiberoVision’s Integration into Vizrt's Sports Tool

Vizrt to Present Initial Integration of LiberoVision’s Highlight Sports Analysis Tool within Vizrt Workflow

Since announcing its acquisition of LiberoVision AG in November 2010, Vizrt plans to reveal their initial efforts toward creating an integrated Vizrt/LiberoVision sports platform at its booth (#SL5408) at the 2011 NAB show from April 11-14, 2011 in Las Vegas.

Through their on-going technical collaboration, Vizrt and LiberoVision are ready to demonstrate the tight integration between LiberoVision’s Libero Highlight 3D sports analysis and replay system and the Vizrt broadcast graphics and media asset management (MAM) workflow. LiberoVision’s Libero Offside product—for analyzing offsides plays and disputes during soccer games—will soon be integrated within the Vizrt workflow also.

With this new product integration, sportscasters can deliver their Libero Highlight clips— with defined starts/stops and annotations—into the Vizrt workflow. They can then control the playback of the clips from an Apple iPad using Viz Anchor or any other Vizrt control software and play it out through the Viz Engine embedded in graphics. It’s also possible to export metadata, such as short text, which is rendered by Viz Engine, Vizrt’s real-time rendering engine. This also means that the LiberoVision analysis can reach videowalls, virtual sets and that it is available for distribution to mobile devices by using the device optimized delivery of video to all devices.


“LiberoVision’s patented image processing technology instantly transforms the camera feeds into realistic 3D representations that allow viewers to essentially fly over the playing field to review key moments in the action from the best perspective,” said Dr. Stephan Würmlin Stadler, CEO for LiberoVision AG in Zurich, Switzerland. “Realistic 3D replays can be slowed or stopped and illustrated with advanced telestration and other sports analysis tools to enhance viewers’ understanding of game strategy and developments as they unfold.

“We see great opportunities in joining forces with Vizrt,” he continued, “as it will allow both organizations to expand our respective product offerings to a large and growing customer base. We’re very excited to pursue these opportunities as part of the Vizrt organization, which has proven very successful and driven by innovation, quality, and customer requirements.”


According to Petter Ole Jakobsen, CTO of Vizrt, “LiberoVision products bring to Vizrt best-in-class capabilities to enhance sports broadcasts. Their products allow for live on-air review and analysis of events on the playing field, even from points of view not captured by cameras.

“In creating a seemingly realistic 3D environment for 2D broadcasts, this type of game analysis provides yet another compelling way to tell a story - a key driver behind all our broadcast graphics products,” said Jakobsen. “It’s always been our strategy to help our clients increase the economic value of their digital assets and LiberoVision fits seamlessly with this strategy.”

With no additional stadium hardware needed to create the 3D replays, the Libero Highlight solution is very cost-effective. Libero Highlight enhances football, American football, basketball, rugby, hockey, baseball, and handball telecasts. It’s already been used for live FIFA World Cup, NFL and NCAA football, Major League Baseball, NHL hockey, as well as NBA and NCAA basketball games.


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