JM Rental’s 3D R4 LED Display Defined New Age of LED Display Technology

“Seeing is Believing”, great quality of 3D effect is difficult to judge by any still photos

JM Rental together with Global Leader in LED Video Technology, Lighthouse Technologies Limited, established another ground-breaking show during LDI 2011 at Orlando, Florida on October 28 – 30 showing new Lighthouse’s Video Blades together with JM Rental’s 3D R4.

During the show, JM Rental has set-up 3D LED display at the size of 2.56 m W x 2.40 m H, wowed the visitors by stunning stereoscopy 3D contents. This time 3D R4 has also shown the way to the future of 3D LED technology which has proved to be limitless for any scales of the event by less brightness concerns while benefiting large scale events with cost-effective circular polarization 3D Technology.

It is undeniable that 3D technology has been immerging into the market and the usage is expanding, no matter in the cinema, learning center or even home-used recently. But the fact is there are only a few event companies approach their clients with the idea of using 3D technology in live events.


“This is the second time our 3D R4 has made an appearance on the east coast within the past 6 months after New York Auto Show in April. This time we are focusing on international AV buddies which are the markets we always work for. 3D Technology has returned to the market since 2 or 3 years ago. However, there are only a few event companies or production houses pitch and succeed in proposing the idea of using 3D technology for their live event.  We hope that having an exhibition here during LDI 2011 will give us more opportunity to introduce and utilize 3D R4 panels for North and South America live events. 3D R4 has proved to be one of the best 3D LED Displays for public viewing event by its abilities to offer the most impressive 3D Effect even in an ambience which affected by the brightness. But as we always say, “Seeing is Believing”, great quality of 3D effect is difficult to judge by any still photos or on the video. So one of the most important ideas to exhibit this showcase here in LDI 2011 is also to let our friends and partners from AV production, creative house and event management industry in North and South America Region have a chance to experience 3D LED Display by themselves.” explains Kenneth Yip, Head of JM Rental Limited.

The LDI Show 2011 has taken place at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. During the show, 3D R4 LED Display has received tremendous positive feedback from the show’s visitors. Undoubtedly, JM Rental’s 3D R4 LED Display will be appeared in America, no matters for exhibitions, corporate events or even live concerts soon.


About JM Rental
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