International Signal and 3D – The Monaco Wedding

For the marriage of Prince Albert II and South African Charlène Wittstock, Euro Media France transformed Monaco into a film set

Just one month after filming the Monaco Grand Prix, EMF recorded and broadcast the wedding ceremony of Prince Albert II and Charlène Wittstock in 2D and 3D: images that went around the world!

The 80 EMF technicians were invited by R&G (the company of Jérôme Revon, executive producer and director of the event) to provide the production and distribution of the international audio and video signal, the 3D production and the creation of archival footage for the Palace.

EMF produced the international signal of the event

OB truck XXL3, the corner stone of the production, was used at the oceanographic museum and gathered images from 31 cameras distributed in different locations (palace courtyards, palace square, chapel, church of Sainte Dévote, Hotel de Paris, Hotel Hermitage, casino).

A very long train of cable was laid, together with Monaco Telecom – 250 fibre optic links from the city’s network were used for the 60 cameras and to transmit the audio and video signals.

EMF also provided the international technical facilities for the stand up positions, play outs, distribution nodes, press pools and control rooms.


1st 3D marriage

In parallel with the 2D production, Euro Media France provided the 3D production of the wedding, with 6 3D systems installed, including 3 on “Total Control II” rigs. This new-generation rig, developed by Microfilms in collaboration with EMF, is the only one today to have been designed especially for multi-camera 3D filming.

It also enjoys the most rapid operation on the market and offers unequally comfort and precision.The 3D images of the wedding were broadcast live by Orange in France, Spain and Poland.

The palace archives – as a souvenir

The palace placed a special importance on the audio-visual record and asked EMF to pay special attention to creating an archive of the wedding in 2D and 3D, which was recorded on hard disk.

EMF would like to thank all the technicians and production staff who took part in the preparation and implementation of this royal wedding. A special mention goes to Claire Pantalacci and Gaël Tanguy for their expert hard work and preparation.