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Insight Media Releases Special Report on 3D at NAB

3D at NAB

Insight Media announces the availability of the Special Report on 3D at NAB,covering all aspects of 3D that were announced and discussed at NAB and the Digital Cinema Summit. The report has nearly 100 pages of 3D news, analysis and commentary from Insight Media's team of world-class 3D analysts.

Topics covered include

• Digital Cinema Summit
• 3D Industry
• 3D Content Creation
• 3D Cameras and Rigs
• Professional Monitors
• 2D-to-3D Conversion
• 3D Encode/Decode
• Comprehensive 3D Solutions
• 3D Broadcast and Distribution
• 3D Events
• 2D/3D Digital Signage
• 3D Projection
• Auto-stereoscopic 3D
• Advanced 3D Displays

This special report bundles all relevant information along with the behind the scenes information, commentary and advise on new key products, trends and advancements at NAB.

The report is delivered as a searchable pdf file and is immediately available for $300 USD.

To purchase this report go to

Insight Media 3D Report