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Innovation in TV Viewing: 3D Reproduction of Digital Video

Reproducing spatial video produced by iVu requires just a standard consumer HD video autostereoscopic screen

At this year’s Tonmeistertagung at Leipzig, Natural View Systems from Buttenheim (Germany) presented a world first: the iVu display system for spatially enhanced stereoscopic reproduction of video images. The patents pending algorithm used by iVu computes a 3-D image signal from any normal video programme. The system outputs the processed signal in real-time and is applicable to video content in any format and resolution.

The iVu Technique

iVu first performs an analysis of each 2-D video frame and creates several partial frames from it, each with differing image information. These partial frames are then composited to form an interference pattern which changes according to the viewing angle, thus generating spatial perception. Therefore, iVu is referred to as a spatial-image system. An interesting feature about the system is that the viewer is able to focus on points at different depths within the image – with traditional 2-D TV, the focus is always on the physical screen plane. Therefore, in addition to spatial reproduction, iVu also promotes natural and eye-friendly viewing. The manufacturer’s name derives from this: Natural View Systems.

The iVu algorithm is extremely flexible. The intensity of the depth effect is adjustable and it works equally well with signals generated artificially such as animated films, old black-and-white movies, and of course modern HD content. Depending on the type and size of the screen used, the optimum viewing distance for iVu video is between 1 and 7 meters, and the system supports viewing angles of up to 160 degrees. These specifications make the iVu system unique.


Standard Screens

Reproducing spatial video produced by iVu requires just a standard consumer HD video autostereoscopic screen. Such screens typically employ a so-called parallax barrier or lenticular foil to split the image into several partial images which create the desired interference patterns when viewed with both eyes. No special glasses are required."With our 3-D spatial image, we are breaking new ground, in particular, because it is the first time the MEDIAGROUP have developed a product with the video consumer market in mind," says Rainer Weiss, managing director of Natural View Systems GmbH. “The next step will be to look for key players in the video industry and to convince them to integrate iVu into their 3-D displays, providing consumers with a natural viewing experience.”

About Natural View Systems GmbH

Natural View Systems GmbH is a member of SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP, a consortium of companies focusing on the pro-audio, video, and intercom markets. The MEDIAGROUP headquarter is in Buttenheim near Bamberg (Germany).