I-MOVIX X10 UHD Delivers World Premiere ...

... Live  Continuous 10x Super Slow Motion at the 2015 Paris-Roubaix Race 

After being the world-first to offer the 10x and 6x continuous super slow motion technology, I-MOVIX took another step forward with the world premiere use of the X10 UHD system as a live broadcast production tool at the 113th edition of the Paris-Roubaix stage race, the tenth race of the 2015 International Cycling Union (UCI) World Tour.

France Télévisions used an X10 UHD system in 1080 HD mode at 500 fps super slow motion delivering a continuous 10 times feed of an extraordinary quality. In particular, the I-MOVIX system, provided by AMP Visual TV, France's leading provider of broadcast services, offered a continuous streaming of astonishing super slow motion images of the riders crossing the finish line.

For this ground-breaking broadcasting event, the I-MOVIX X10 UHD system was tested with a FUJINON XA99x8.4 BESM box lens and IBE HDx1.4 adapter.

"The image quality of the continuous super slow motion shots was really impressive. With this high frame-rate footage, we produced image details we couldn't even imagine before", said Francis Cloiseau, Head of Sports Production, France Télévisions. "With the continuous 10x super slow motion mode in HD at 500fps, since everything can be recorded and replayed in slow motion, the production did not miss any action of the final crucial moment of the race: the riders' last efforts to reach the finishing line. This innovative broadcast production tool clearly extends the potential for creativity and increases the value of our content."


Combining the core X10 ultra-motion technology with Vision Research's Phantom® Flex4K camera, the I-MOVIX X10 UHD supports operation in a range of modes to meet differing production requirements, and can be instantly re-configured for new 4K or HD shooting scenarios.

For very high-frame rate ultra-slow motion in 4K sports coverage, the system operates in USM mode to deliver instant replays of up to 1,000fps. For continuous non-stop recording, SSM mode delivers up to 120fps at 2160p60. When operating in HD resolutions (1080p or 1080i) X10 UHD offers up to 600fps in continuous SSM mode, and up to 2,000fps in USM mode. The system can also complement these specialized applications by performing in a conventional live camera role.


Featuring the best high-speed 4K image sensor available in the market and with reduced noise levels to provide even cleaner images, the X10 UHD now has an increased dynamic range, further boosting the versatility of the camera in widely differing lighting conditions. X10 UHD's frames-per-second performance and operational flexibility in a variety of production situations far outstrips the capabilities of other systems on the market today.

X10 UHD delivers all the usability and image quality benefits for which I-MOVIX systems have become renowned. Fully integrated for live broadcast production and easy to operate by any broadcast camera crew, X10 UHD can be specified in an RF version. Optimized for quick setup and efficient operation in exacting production situations, X10 UHD is the most advanced solution with 4K and HD ultra slow and continuous super-slow motion capabilities available for multi-role shooting.