Hamlet confirms quality at Dimension3 Expo

Side-by-Side picture monitor with combined vectors and luma waveform

With everyone agreeing that quality and consistency between channels is critical to the success in stereoscopic 3D presentations, leading test and measurement supplier, Hamlet, is attending the Dimension3 Expo to show its ground-breaking quality control system VidScope-3D. This software suite is already recognised by many leading commentators as the best way to visual the technical parameters and thereby ensuring success in every shot.

“As stereoscopic 3D production moves from the mega-high budget movie to independent productions and to live television, so the need is to get every shot right on set, not rely on post to fix problems,” explained Steve Nunney, director of Hamlet. “If you can ensure that every shot is correctly aligned, balanced, exposed and displays the right stereoscopic depth, you reduce set-up times which means saving money on set as well as saving more time and cost in post.”

The VidScope-3D is a suite of software tools, running on a standard PC under Windows. With a suitable video card it takes in both camera feeds and performs all the standard technical analyses. The user can see instantly when the two cameras are perfectly matched, eliminating the most time-consuming problems which need correction downstream if the 3D is to work. The display also shows a direct indication of the depth budget, helping the director and stereographer understand and quantify the degree of vergence and thus the 3D effect.

A number of innovative display techniques are used to make the measurements clear and intuitive, speeding the set-up and guaranteeing consistency. As well as the stereoscopic functionality, the VidScope software also provides precision measurement of all video technical parameters, and audio measurements including surround sound levels and phase.

“We are all developing new skills as stereoscopic 3D develops,” Steve Nunney of Hamlet said. “What the Hamlet VidScope-3D provides is an extremely cost-effective solution that is also invaluable in delivering precisely the information the operator and stereographer need to get the shot right first time, every time.”

The Hamlet VidScope-3D system can be seen on stand C9 at Dimension3 Expo, Seine-Saint-Denis, 1 – 3 June 2010.


Hamlet VidScope-3D