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Full 3D Support for S.two’s OB-1™ & FlashDock

Full portable 3D workflow

S.two Corporation, the Reno based manufacturer known for providing uncompressed digital film production solutions and the workflows to seamlessly integrate the move to post has announced the industry’s most comprehensive uncompressed 3D capture and workflow support with the latest version of their successful OB-1 on-board recorder for digital cinematography. The new release has full 3D recording capability for 2 x digital cinematography cameras at 444 or ARRIRAW T-Link 3K.

Quad link support for dual 444 cameras

Utilizing “quad link” HD-SDI for two streams of uncompressed 444 recording and playback, combined with on-board monitoring, external timecode and remote start/stop capabilities, the OB-1 is ideal for any 3D-based production using high-end digital cinematography cameras.

Also announced is full portable 3D workflow with the latest version of S.two’s FlashDock transfer station. Featuring automated real time editorial dailies, databased redundant archive to optional built-in LTO drives, RS422 controlled dual link HD-SDI output, and even fast lay-off to e-SATA hard drives, the FlashDock becomes “3D workflow in a box” for all file-based or Sony SRW applications.

“With the growing popularity of 3D productions, we have introduced quad link support for dual 444 cameras as a free upgrade for all OB-1 users,” states Steve Roach, Vice President of S.two. “Quad link also turns on 444 to 60P and vari-frame recording for ARRI D-21 cameras as well as 50FPS ARRIRAW, and positions OB-1 for full Alexa support. These upgrades continue S.two’s commitment to keeping our customers at the leading edge of technology at minimal cost.”

About S.two

S.two Corporation is committed to reducing global emissions wherever possible. Our film-quality electronic data processes eliminate the need for traditional film and therefore the need for film processing which uses chemicals known to harm the environment. Reusable FlashMag and D.MAG™ media are the centerpiece of our industry-leading digital film workflow solutions. Our eco-friendly focus allows clients to support their green initiatives through virtually limitless re-recordings on removable media.
S.two is the leading provider of uncompressed data recording products for digital movie production. Dozens of motion pictures (including Academy Award winning ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”) and countless commercials and television programs (including “Lie To Me “and “Nurse Jackie ”) have benefited from S.two’s workflow and efficiency, saving customers millions of dollars.


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