First Theatre in India to Install Sony SRX R320 4K 3D Digital Projection System

Globus Cinema, Mumbai

Globus Cinema, a single-screen, independent theatre in Mumbai, has become the first theatre in India to install the Sony SRX R320 4K digital cinema projection system. The new system, which includes stereoscopic 3D capability, is part of a major overhaul of the theatre’s cinema equipment. Globus has also purchased a new silver screen and a Datasat AP20 digital audio processor. All of the equipment was supplied, installed and professionally calibrated by Patel India’s digital cinema division.

Prior to upgrading, Globus Cinema used 35 mm film but was facing difficulties obtaining the movies they wanted to screen. In addition, they wanted to offer their customers a wider choice by adding 3D titles to their schedules.

“Moving up to digital technology was our only option if we wanted to show the new Hollywood movies,” explained Imran Khan, Globus Cinema, theatre manager. The 3D pictures and sound we are getting now are superb and our customers really appreciate the improvements we’ve made.”


The Sony 4K digital cinema projection system is the world’s first Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) specification-compliant 4K digital cinema projector. It features advanced technology that gives correct reproduction of movie content at a constant 4K resolution. The Datasat AP20 audio processor provides 16 channels of digital inputs and 8 channels of analogue inputs coupled to 32 digital and analogue outputs. Installation was completed using Dirac Live room optimisation technology to ensure optimum sound clarity was achieved for Globus’ theatre.

Patel India recently set up its new digital cinema division to supply top of the range equipment to theatres across Asia. The company currently provides favourable business terms to assist theatre owners with the initial investment required to transition from analogue and low-quality e-cinema equipment to high quality digital cinema systems including 4K and 3D.