Eyeheight Introduces World’s First 3D Video Legalizer to US Market at NAB 2012

See Eyeheight on Booth C6016 (Leader Instruments) at NAB 2012, Las Vegas, 16-19 April

The world’s first dual-channel 3D video legalizer, Eyeheight’s LE-3D, makes its US market debut at the 2012 National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas.

Developed in co-operation with a leading broadcast production, post-production and distribution company, the Eyeheight LE-3D allows video legalization parameters for left and right video channels to be adjusted quickly and precisely from a single operating panel.

The LE-3D provides a wide range of user-adjustable settings via the easily learnt menu system that has made Eyeheight’s geNETics platform popular with major production companies and broadcasters in many countries. LCD pushbuttons with backlit legends guide the operator quickly through the legalizer’s various control modes. These include RGB, YUV or composite mode selection, clipping level, soft clipping knee, luma and chroma gain, black level, and hue rotation. Six user memories are available to store group settings. EBU 2003 standard legalization presets are also provided.


Based on Eyeheight’s proven geNETics platform, the LE-3D has two independent HD-SDI inputs and outputs. Processing is to full 10-bit depth throughout the system.

Multiple LE-3D modules can be accommodated in a 1 rack-unit 19 inch chassis for operation under local control from an Eyeheight FP-9 generic control panel. All geNETics products are driven via a unified hardware or software menu system giving fast and easy access to all relevant parameters.

Video legalizers are a simple way of helping edited programs pass broadcasters' technical quality-assurance requirements. They automatically detect and correct any parts of a video signal that do not conform to industry-agreed component RGB, YUV or composite color space levels. Eyeheight legalizers incorporate single-touch presets for all major standards, making them practically effortless to use in any country.

Exhibiting at NAB 2012 on Booth C6016 (Leader Instruments), Eyeheight will be represented by Sales Director Martin Moore.


Eyeheight designs and manufactures SDI/HD-SDI equipment for program-origination, quality-assurance, post-production, playout and associated areas. This includes hardware legalizers, logo generators, safe-area generators, keyers, color correctors and aspect ratio converters. Eyeheight products are available worldwide.