EVS XT3 Servers Power Beijing Television’s New 3D OBVan

Beijing Television's 3D OBVan

EVS, a leading provider of broadcast and media production systems for sports, news and TV entertainment, has equipped Beijing Television’s new 3D outside broadcast (OB) unit with XT3 servers as well as IPDirector and XFile software. The truck is designed as a general purpose unit but will primarily be used for sports production, enabling the network to cost effectively capture and broadcast sporting events in both 2D and 3D.

The state-of-the-art OB truck is equipped with 10 HD cameras, including two Sony 3D cameras and two super slow motion cameras. Six of the cameras can be combined to create three 3D cameras. EVS’ flexible XT3 servers can be configured to support both HD production, and simultaneous 2D and 3D production.

For HD production with 10 HD cameras, two XT3 servers are used in an eight-channel HD configuration with Beijing Television’s main and back-up Sony switchers. For simultaneous 2D and 3D production with five 3D cameras and four 2D cameras, the XT3 servers are used in a six-channel 3D configuration. One switcher produces the 2D signal while the other operates in 3D mode. The Sony switcher’s DVE board combines the 2D camera signals to create 3D signals.


Beijing Television’s operators maintain total control over their productions with EVS’ IPDirector suite of production content management applications, while material is archived during capture using EVS’ XFile application.

“This is an exciting moment for Beijing Television,” said Raymond Chen, general manager, EVS China. “Their new 3D production truck sets a new standard for outside broadcast and we’re very proud that EVS solutions are playing a key role in delivering 3D sports content.”


About EVS
EVS designs leading broadcast and media production systems for sports, news and TV entertainment. Its innovative Live Slow Motion system revolutionised live broadcasting, and its reliable and integrated tapeless solutions, are now widely used for non-linear editing and 3D HD productions across the globe.

The company’s world-class systems offer a complete production platform with live action replays (including Super and Ultra Slow Motion), clip creation, fast turnaround editing, content production, asset management, time delay, multicam and multifeed recording, logging, live graphic analysis, digital transmission, multiformat ingest and playback, as well as second screen delivery. EVS also offers software applications, such as IPDirector® and MulticamLSM®, which are designed to control the industry’s most robust and flexible production platform, the XT series server. The world’s leading broadcasters, including NBC, BSkyB, FOX, RTBF, RTL, NHK, CANAL+, ABC, ESPN, TF1, CCTV, PBS, CBS, BBC, ZDF, Channel One, Channel7, RAI, TVE, NEP, MEDIAPRO, EUROMEDIA, BEXEL, ALFACAM and many others, use EVS’ solutions.

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