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EVS producing another dimension of Live Sports and Music

EVS now provides novel stereoscopic 3D experiences for live sports and music. With its latest MulticamLSM 10 software package, EVS’ renowned XT[2]-LSM offers full 3D-HD loop recordings, playbacks, slow-motion replays, instant editing, and live clipping functions. In effect, all existing capabilities of the MulticamLSM software package are now available for any type of 3D-HD production.

3D-HD from Abbey Road Studios

In April the British pop band Keane delivered a live performance in 3D-HD from Abbey Road Studios. The multi-camera shoot was produced by Nineteen Fifteen, which employed five stereoscopic camera rigs from Inition for the picture feeds and three HD XT[2] production servers with MulticamLSM from EVS for the ingest and playback. Each of the stereoscopic camera positions produced two feeds, which were recorded in sync on a XT[2] server via SDI with complete frame accuracy. 3D graphics arrived from post-production on USB sticks and were imported directly to the servers for playout just minutes before the concert.

Olympique Lyonnais and Paris Saint-Germain FC

A few weeks later HBS, the host broadcaster for the first division of the French Football League (Ligue 1), and Orange, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, also one of the domestic rights-holder, experimented with a live football match in stereoscopic 3D between Olympique Lyonnais and Paris Saint-Germain FC. This was the first-ever live European broadcast of a football match in 3D. The recording and slow-motion replays were done with two HD XT[2] servers and MulticamLSM software. From May 31 to June 7, with the backing of the French Tennis Federation, Orange and France Télévisions broadcast all the French Open matches played on the center court (Philippe Chatrier) throughout the second week of the tournament live and in stereoscopic 3D, all the way through to the final. The 3D images were broadcast on 3D screens at the Roland Garros site, as well as in five Orange stores in France. The final was broadcast by satellite from Roland Garros to various cinemas in France and in Spain. The 3D images were captured with five stereoscopic camera rigs from Binocle. EVS’ XT[2]-LSM technology was employed for the ingest, playbacks, and slowmotion replays. The actions on the Philippe Chatrier court, as well as the Ligue 1 football match, were produced by AMP.


Outside Broadcast produced 3D images

On 4th September, Outside Broadcast produced 3D images of the 33rd edition of the Memorial Van Damme, also the sixth and final AF Golden League athletic meeting of 2009. The 3D images were produced with three stereoscopic camera rigs from Binocle and EVS instant tapeless technology (two HD XT[2] servers with MulticamLSM software, as well as XF[2] and XStore[2] servers for backup and storage). The 3D production was initiated by VRT, the Flemish public broadcaster and rightholder of the event.


Memorial Van Damme in 3D