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EVS Extends Its XT2+ Server Capabilities With Four 3D/1080p Channels and 3D Supermotion

EVS presented its latest XT2+ Servers with their enhanced 3D/1080p capabilities at IBC 2010

EVS boosts the capabilities of its XT[2]+ production servers with new DualPower technology, offering four channel 3D (or 1080p) and 3D SuperMotion configurations. The enhanced capabilities will be available on all standard systems delivered from autumn 2010.

With the integration of the new DualPower technology, the 6-channel XT[2]+ server can now be instantly configured for live 3D or 1080p productions with four in/out channels. 3D/1080p recording and playout can be managed in single link mode, based on 3Gbps connections, or in dual-link mode as two synchronized 1.5Gbps connections. In addition, the XT[2]+ platform offers the first-ever live 3D SuperMotion control, enabling high-end live 3D replay operations.

Says Pierre L’Hoest, EVS’ CEO: “Over the last two years live 3D broadcasts have been rapidly gaining in popularity, and we are proud to be able to back our customers as they move towards this new form of production. Our technology was widely adopted from the start and has kept on evolving as the live 3D broadcast market has matured. However, 3D productions are still in the hands of the major players, which is why we have been working on a solution that will allow broadcasters to implement 3D productions without having to rehaul their entire infrastructure. With the introduction of full 3D/1080p capabilities, available as a standard feature on all new XT[2]+ servers, we aim to offer broadcasters a fast and reliable solution that will provide them with new windows of opportunity.”


The new features will be integrated into all XT2+ servers from Autumn 2010

Enhanced XT2+ 3D /1080p functions include:

• 4-Channel 3D / 1080p Dual link (2 x 1.5Gbps) and single link (3Gbps) record and playback
• Live Slow Motion replay
• All standard live editing functions available in 3D/1080p
• First 3D SuperMotion
• 3D graphics playout
• Full network capabilities
• Post-production transfer

The new system will be available this fall with upgrade programs for existing systems.