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European Conference S3D®-Today Goes Internet at its 5th Edition

S3D-Today will give a comprehensive overview of the actual status and an outlook into the near future

DNS Consult/3D-CC, the European specialist in S3D consulting and networking, is pleased to invite for taking part in the 5th edition of its "S3D®-Today", International Conference, which will be held in combination with the Exhibition “S3D®-Expo” on 12.-13.July 2011 in Seefeld (near Munich), Germany. Gold-Sponsors are the companies Marchon3D, Nvidia and Panasonic.

The event will give a comprehensive overview of the actual status and an outlook into the near future for ALL parts of the whole S3D ecosystem and its value-added chain. Central messages are: “The application and the BENEFIT of using S3D in practice are and have to be the points, where the focus should be put on” as well as “Complete systems are the key to success.”

Because “Seeing is Believing”, at the S3D®-Expo it will be possible to experience the same demo-showreel on ALL actual existing S3D visualization technologies. This makes it easier to compare the (in most of the cases) complementary technologies each other and to give the direct user feedback to the manufacturer.

Furthermore, this will demonstrate also the wide variety of opportunities for using/consuming the SAME application/content, like advertisements, on various devices and locations: computer, TV, cinema, print and very soon on mobile.


ALL kinds of S3D content (still pictures, videos, animations, 3D models and scenes for interactive use) will be produced directly at the event from various companies. Every attendee will get a locally produced Blu-ray3D, which will contain: most of the S3D event demo content, the conference proceedings, useful software tools and her/his own S3D picture – if she/he likes to get it.

“S3D over the internet” – will be one of the main conference and LIVE DEMO topics. S3D-Live-Streaming of few S3D-Today speeches over the internet are planned as well. Actual background:
The S3D market has a very big business potential, as well for professional applications as for the consumer segment too. But what is this time the big difference in comparison to S3D hypes we had in the past decades?
The answer is:
The DIGITAL WORLD, which enables a continuously growing number of complementary S3D visualization technologies, content creation tools, interactive applications and not least cost effective ways for distributing S3D content.
However international standards are still missing or are not yet 100% accepted and used by the industry.

So, the main question in nowadays is:


Can the S3D area be able to have soon its broad market breakthrough?

YES IT CAN !!! To supply evidence for this assertion – that is the clear goal of the 5th edition of the S3D®-Today together with the S3D®-Expo.

In difference to most other, younger S3D related events, which are coming up recently in the market and which are most of the time focusing only on one certain application area and one special target audience, the S3D®-Today/S3D®-Expo has the special approach to give, on one side, a broad and comprehensive overview about the WHOLE S3D product supply chain, including all components and all applications, for which the optional use of S3D does offer meaningful and profitable advantages.

On the other side offers the organizer of the event, DNS Consult/3D-CC, a very special AKTIVE networking and consulting service to all participants: sponsors, exhibitors, conference speaker, passive demo content provider and not at least the attendees being already or becoming member of the S3D®-Business-Club.


DNS Consult/3D-CC

DNS Consult, as an independent IT consulting company, has been founded in 2001. Focus and strategy of the company are based on the professional know-how in IT business of the owner, Lutz Moehr, who did hold various management positions within SONY Europe (1991-1998) and ELSA AG. His engineering background has been combined with over 20 years of broad practical experience about all elements of the whole product supply chain and life cycle: from the product conception over production, support, marketing & sales up to profit & loss responsibility. “Stereo-3D” or short “S3D”, as one of the most innovative and promising markets of the future, is THE one and only focus of the dedicated company division 3D-CC (3D-Competence-Center). To help S3D related companies promoting their products and services several marketing activities and events have been developed and realized in practice by the 3D-CC. Since 2006 “S3D®” has been registered as trademark by Lutz Moehr.