EOS R and Atomos Ninja V brings a new era of 10-bit 4k HDR video to Canon users

The new EOS R and Atomos Ninja V brings a new era of 10-bit 4k HDR video to Canon users

The EOS R is Canon's first full-frame mirrorless camera and also the first to offer 4k 10-bit 4:2:2 external recording via HDMI - it even has Canon Log and deep color BT.2020 for perfect HDR production! This is an ideal match for the Atomos 5" Ninja V 4k HDR monitor/recorder.

With a Ninja V users can now benefit from the well established Canon color science combined with 10-bit log for HDR recording direct to Apple ProRes 422 or Avid DNx, maximizing the billions of color combinations for perfect post production. Now filmmakers and photographers can shoot video that lives up to the stills the camera shoots.

Shoot Log, view in HDR
Atomos have worked hard to support Canon Log for both standard REC.709 and HDR production.
The Ninja V and all Atomos monitor/recorders perfectly resolve the Canon Log output from the EOS R and convert it into 10.5 stop HDR on-screen in real time. This output can also be immediately displayed on a compatible HDR television or monitor, and played back after recording. For REC.709 from Log there is a Canon preset, plus the ability to load an almost infinite number of custom looks onto Atomos devices. The simple user interface makes setup simple and intuitive.


Ergonomics that match
The EOS R and Ninja V are an ideal size match. The 5 inch screen only weighs 360g and sits perfectly on top of the camera. The whole setup is easy to handle, even when shooting all day long.

High bright 1000nit monitoring
Seeing the built-in screen of all mirrorless cameras is difficult in bright conditions. The Ninja V screen has an amazing 1000nit of brightness allowing it to be used effectively, even when outside.


Affordable, reliable SATA SSD media.
When recording video with the EOS R and Ninja V you can shoot to the new generation of Atomos AtomX SSDmini drives. These are developed with leading brands and offer high speed and high reliability in a compact metal chassis. Guard your EOS R video by recording to proven, economical SATA SSD media.

Why external recording makes sense
This new Canon, like all the other new full-frame mirrorless cameras on the market, is limited in what it can record internally. Camera manufacturers are already pushing their designs to the limits of computing, heat and power consumption, especially with the new, larger sensors.


This necessitates compromises - limiting the bit depth, codecs used and the data rates used for internal recording. Recognizing that users want better quality and maximum flexibility the camera makers work with Atomos to optimize external recording at higher bit depth and higher bitrates, offering HDR and Post Production quality earlier.

By moving recording to an external Atomos recorder like the Ninja V, mirrorless cameras are freed of many of their key video limitations. Record time limits are lifted and easy-to-edit Apple ProRes or Avid DNx codecs recorded, instead of hard to edit H.264 or H.265.


Atomos CEO, Jeromy Young notes:
"It is awesome to see Canon join the Mirrorless full frame race, we are very proud to enable HDR monitoring and recording in 4K 10-bit and deep color to Apple ProRes - an amazing first from a mirrorless. Our Ninja V ships this month and Canon users can level up their video game today!"

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