dutchView New OBVan Equipped with Axon's Synapse

A large portion of the equipment consists of the Synapse TWINS modules

dutchView, the leading multimedia broadcasting company in the Netherlands, has chosen AXON’s Synapse modular system for its new 3D OBVan. This OBVan should hit the road in November 2011.

The OBVan is not only designed for 3D but is also fully equipped to handle 1080P on 3Gb/s connections. For DutchView, this OBVan is an addition to the existing fleet of 7 fully-equipped OBVans and 14 studio facilities. The equipment includes Synapse 3Gb/s embedders, de-embedders, frame syncs, up converters and down converters. A large portion of the equipment consists of the Synapse TWINS modules.

These modules provide for dual channel functionality which reduces the number of modules needed which is beneficial to space, power consumption and costs. The equipment is supplied through D&MS, a leading provider of projects in the broadcast industry, who is also building this OBVan.


Nico Roest, CEO at DutchView: “We have been using the Synapse equipment for many years now, not only in our OBVans but also in the studios. We are pleased that Axon (and Synapse) have the ability to support us with our 3Gb/s and 3D requirements. Besides, their products meet our standards to realise a more sustainable OBVan. The latest low power Axon product generation is energy efficient.”