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Dutch 3D LiveLab opened

On November 22/23, a special 3D event "De 3D Dagen" (The 3D Days) will take place

On 19 October 2010 the 3D LiveLab opened its doors in the Dutch media city of Hilversum. The 3D LiveLab is hosted by DutchView in one of its TV studios and will be open until at least March 2011.

The idea behind the LiveLab is to demonstrate various technologies and projects in the field of 3D and to promote Dutch developments in particular.

Zero Creative is one of the sponsors of the 3D LiveLab and placed one of its autostereoscopic xyZ 3D Displays in the area. This 46-inch 3D display is able to show 3D content without the need for any 3D-glasses. Zero Creative also demonstrates its 2D-to-3D conversion.

Later this year, November 22/23, a special 3D event "De 3D Dagen" (The 3D Days) will take place where Zero Creative will probably host 2 keynotes about the application of autostereoscopic 3D Displays and the process of 2D-to-3D conversions.


3D Days 2010

There is a desperate need of more knowledge on 3D. That is exactly why iMMovator Cross Media network (after organizing two succesfull editions of the HD days in 2008 and 2009) together with platform 3DNL took the inititiative to organize the first edition of the 3D days. In two days the national and international film and television industry meet each other to talk and discuss about; the production process, facts and figures, the do and the don’ts, 3D and movies, the (inter)national perspective on the industry, television and sport and much more.

The 3D days are THE opportunity to talk about the latest trends, the 3D days provide practical information and will be a unique platform to network with the industry.

Congessprogam Monday November 22nd:

Location: Cinemec, Ede
• Rick Dean (Chairman 3D @Home consortium, Vice president at THX)
• Niels Swinkels (SVP Distribution EMEA, Universal Pictures International)
• Tom Morrod (Screen Digest);
• San Fu Maltha (producer of the first 3D motion picture Amphibious);
• Wilco Wolfers (Managing Director A-Film and chairmen of the Dutch Association of Filmdistributeurs);


Workshop program Tuesday November 23rd:

Location: Media Park, Hilversum
• Ivo Broekhuizen (One Million Dreams)
• Rick Dean (Chairman 3D @Home consortium, Vice president at THX)

For up-to-date information about the 3D Days please go to

3D Days 2010