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DualPower boosts the capabilities of EVS’ servers, offering four 3D or 1080p channels as well as 3D SuperMotion configurations

Control of 4 in and out 3D or 1080p channels
With the integration of the new DualPower video codec board, the XT[2]+ server is now configurable for live 3D or 1080p productions with 4 in/out channels. Live 3D/1080p recording and playout can be managed in single link mode, based on 3Gbps connections, or in dual-link mode as two synchronized 1.5Gbps connections. DualPower 3D/1080p capabilities are also available on the XS and XTnano series servers.With DualPower, switching from 2D to 3D is as simple as clicking one button in your system configuration.

Enhanced 3D /1080p capabilities of EVS’ servers with the new DualPower technology

· 4-Channel 3D and 1080p
· Dual link (2 x 1.5Gbps) or single link (3Gbps) record and playback
· Live Slow Motion replay
· All standard live editing functions available in 3D/1080p
· First 3D SuperMotion
· 3D graphics playout
· Full network capabilities
· Post-production transfer

3D SuperMotion Replay Comes to Reality

XT[2]+ with DualPower inside offers the most comprehensive 3D SuperMotion replays, enabling high-end live 3D replay operations for breath-taking Live 3D experiences.

The XT[2]+ manages the recording of one 3D SuperMotion signal composed by 2 HD SuperMotion cameras in side by side, or in mirroring mode with one 3D output channel (dual or single link).


DualPower Equiped Systems Features


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EVS Broadcast Equipment is a leader in the design of hardware and software for the production and playout of sport, news and TV programs in both live and near live environments. Its innovative Live Slow Motion system revolutionized live broadcasting, and its instant tapeless technology is now widely used in nonlinear editing and High Definition Television the world over.
The company sells its branded products in over 70 countries and is capable of providing services in any region. EVS is headquartered in Belgium and has offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.