DTC Broadcast to showcase breakout wireless 4K transmitter at NAB2018

DTC Broadcast to showcase breakout wireless 4K transmitter at NAB2018

DTC Broadcast will feature the AEON-TX transmitter for wireless 4K/UHD at NAB2018, booth C6043

Until now, the volume of raw data transmission required for 4K/UHD production has made wireless cameras largely impractical for live sport, event, and news applications. However, cameras equipped with DTC’s AEON-TX can now transmit 4K UHD video formats up to and including 2160p60 by taking advantage of the extremely efficient encoding technology built into the AEON-TX.
DTC Vice President, Broadcast Sales, JP Delport said, “AEON-TX is hugely cost effective because it substantially reduces bandwidth costs without compromising quality. It opens up new vistas for ultra-high resolution production.”

AEON-TX’s connectivity options are plentiful, and future-proof. The unit includes fully integrated return channels for bi-directional IP connectivity and low-bandwidth telemetry, plus a scalable return channel for talk-back, camera control, and return video. The transmitter also includes industry standard DVB-T modulation for compatibility with existing systems and DTC’s proprietary UMVL modulation for enhanced high frequency/high speed performance.
Delport added, “AEON-TX is ready for immediate delivery ……. the only latency challenge is waiting for the market to catch up. NAB 2018 will be the breakout show for AEON-TX.”

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