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DSC Labs' Fairburn Chart Gives 3D True Perspective

As 3D takes center stage, the Fairburn Chart becomes an invaluable aide for Filmmakers/Creatives in the quest for 3D perfection

Corresponding with the growing popularity of 3D productions, orders for DSC Labs' recently released Fairburn 3D Chart have been on the rise. Designed in collaboration with Emmy® award-winning Director of Photography Sean Fairburn, the DSC 3D Chart provides videographers and filmmakers with a calibration tool that lets them properly balance and align cameras as well as check zoom, focus, rotation, keystoning, grayscale and colorimetry accuracy.

Stephen Pizzo, co-founder of Element Technica, whose series of groundbreaking Technica 3D Rigs are designed to precisely position a pair of cameras to achieve realistic stereoscopic digital video for broadcast and cinema, highly recommends the Fairburn 3D Chart. "At Element, we are always using the DSC 3D Chart for critical alignment here in the shop as part of our product testing regimen. Every one of our rigs, Neutron, Pulsar or Quasar, goes through a complete alignment test in each of the three configurations: Side x Side, Under/Thru Beamsplitter and Over/Thru Beamsplitter. The DSC 3D Chart allows our technicians to check critical alignment using a few Allen keys rather than a complicated image analyzer."

Designed for use with a 3D beam splitter and side-by-side stereographic rigs, the DSC 3D Chart includes 15 test elements for pinpointing even the most critical differences in aligning 3D cameras. For matching colors, this 3D Chart includes a hexagon-shaped version of DSC's trademark ChromaDuMonde multi-hued pattern. Also included are 18% gray patches for users migrating from the film world.


Fairburn 3D Chart Feature Highlights

• Horizontal and vertical alignment (white cross through middle and small crosses)
• Focus fans in corners (maximum contrast for ease of viewing, even in low light)
• Zoom ring (to see zoom disparity between the camera's focal length) line 5 pixels wide
• Keystone correction (colored balls and white rings in corners)
• Horizontal scale in centimeter and inches (to see exact IO offset at parallel)
• Mini gray scale at bottom steps 1, 6, 11 with DSC true black background
• 18% gray scale chips (at the top of chart on RT and LT)
• ChromaDuMonde color reference in hexagon shape, matches vector scope orientation
• RIGHT and LEFT words on white lines, used as orientation detectors 
• Arrows up and right also used as orientation detectors
• Red R and Blue L to show color and eye reference (Red Right eye - Blue Left eye)
• Red R and Blue L show image flip or flop orientation
• RGB and CMY have been added at the highest printable value
• Focus fans at the center are for zoomed in focus aides
• Scale on far R and L to measure horizontal and rotational offset
• Center cross

"DSC charts are used by professionals worldwide to calibrate and match their cameras to obtain the same 'look' throughout their entire production," comments DSC Labs President, David Corley. "In addition, the Fairburn Chart allows them to calibrate their 3D rigs so that both cameras see exactly the same image; discrepancies are readily identified and remedied."


Availability and Pricing

The Fairburn 3D Chart is available today through the DSC Labs Worldwide Reseller Channel, directly from DSC and online for a starting price of $1480.00 USD.

DSC Labs produces a wide range of precision test patterns for various applications in broadcasting, digital cinema, corporate production, medicine, security, etc. Many of these patterns have been designed with suggestions and input from users for particular applications — this distinctive new 3-D pattern is no exception.


About DSC Labs

DSC Labs has been dedicated to image integrity in visual communications for more than 48 years. The company's pioneering engineering achievements include patented image processing and the development of standardized industry-wide test patterns, earning DSC the Fuji Gold Medal for outstanding contributions to television. "Better Images through Research" articulates the company's continuing commitment to making innovative products for image quality improvement.

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