Do You Think You Know It All?

John Keedwell will be on the GTC stand J78 at BVE London 25th – 27th Feb, London ExCel, with signed copies of his book available

John Keedwell GBCT has written a new book ‘Get The Message Now?!?’  He says  “In a current world of 4K UHD hyper-realism it is clear the quality standards need to be higher than ever before.” Drawing on his 30 years of experience in television and documentary camerawork around the globe, John reveals many tricks to help you raise your game to compete. “There is a discerning audience out there. Bad looking and sounding video now gets turned off. Your message is lost. More than that, how can you stand out in a mass of material?”

“I discuss the technicalities of shooting video and using sound and lighting. I also examine wider subjects - how people act when they go to buy; how the human eye works compared to cameras; and the invisible gorilla many people don't see.“

Alan Piper, Operations Director at Red Europe said: “I bought some copies as essential reading for people within the company. It's written as if John is in the room talking to you, with personal experiences and also many film references to illustrate. It's not just another book about cameras, lighting and sound, it's much more. I certainly learned a lot and there are many areas of reference in there. I am sure you will find it fascinating."
"I cannot recommend it highly enough if you are working at any level of moving pictures today"


There are sections on choosing your camera, lighting and understanding colour, recording sound, film grammar, shot composition, ‘crossing the line’ and more.

Also in the book John sets out his EPICS System - easily followed, so you can attend to the important factors and keep focussed whilst on location.

He has set up the Epics Academy, different levels of practical hands-on workshops based on the contents of the book, but going further. “You can get your own individual experience with your own camera without any commercial pressure.”