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DIMENSION-3D Scores India Premier League Cricket Live 3D Broadcast


Doremi has supplied 100 of the new Dimension-3D Universal 3DFormat Converters that are to play their part in the 3D coverage of the third year of theIndian Premier League cricket. Live 3D coverage of selected matches is now planned forcinema audiences across the country.

We are starting with four matches

The chairman and commissioner of the IPL, Lalit Modi, announced that, “two semi-finals,third play and the fourth play matches will be shown live across cinema halls in India throughthe UFO chain of theaters in 3D.” This scores a first for any sports body in India to make such largescale use of 3D for sports coverage in India.

“Doremi’s Dimension-3D was the perfect technology to integrate in IPL’s broadcast workflow”comments Ronald Williams, VP of Doremi Broadcast Sales. ”It’s versatility and ease of operation todo the side by side format for transmission to the theaters and then back to left and right forcinema projection was applauded by UFO and the IPL.

And this may be only the beginning for 3D for IPL, as Modi points out. “We are starting withfour matches and if this experiment is successful, all 94 matches from the next season wouldbe shown in 3D.”

About 70 cinemas across the country will show the semi-finals in 3D format

Sanjay Gaikwad, managing director of UFO moviez, the holder the theatrical rights of IPL 3,announced that, in addition to regular 2D screenings of the matches, about 70 cinemas acrossthe country will show the semi-finals in 3D format. He said, “It is for the first time that we areexperimenting and a lot of people have expressed interest.”

Dimension-3D is an any-in to any-out universal 3D format converter working between thevarious coding formats used to carry 3D video over single or dual HDSDI and HDMI connections.These include formats for separate, sequential, checkerboard, line-by-line and side-by-side leftand right eye over single or dual HDMI or HDSDI as appropriate. It is the ideal tool to enablethe transmission, storage and playback of 3D video on existing 2D infrastructure and storage.

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