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Digital Vision Unveiling Powerful new Stereoscopic, Digital Camera Integration and Colour Tools During NAB

Nucoda Screen Shot

At NAB 2010, Digital Vision will showcase a selection of important new features from its forthcoming 2010 software release. Earlier this year, Digital Vision released 2009.1, a feature rich update for the Nucoda colour grading and Phoenix restoration platforms that has received wide praise from users and facilities.

Digital Vision will preview key aspects of the 2010 Nucoda, Phoenix, and DVO release that illustrate the depth of technical innovation that will be coming to market this year. These previews include new stereoscopic functionality that includes an Anaglyph Stereo compare mode, the debut of DVO Clarity - the next-generation of noise and grain reduction, expansion of the highly regarded Turbine with its powerful distributed processing capabilities set to expand in 2010, and a one touch keyer, now part of the Nucoda Film Master colour toolset.

Product highlights for NAB include:

Nucoda Film Master – colour grading and image enhancement for film and television content

• Industry leading toolset including advanced tracking, new Keyer, best of class colour and editorial tools
• Stereoscopic grading toolset, including Stereo transform tool, Stereo Mix compare mode and versatile monitoring options
• RED Rocket hardware accelerator card and Mysterium-X sensor support
• Full Avid workflow integration including Unity ISIS and Interplay
• Native and non destructive open EXR and High Dynamic Range grading
• Telecine machine and picture control
• Native camera support for all major digital cameras including: ARRI, Panasonic, Sony, Silicon Imaging and Vision Research


Phoenix - sophisticated toolset for advanced image media restoration, repurposing and re-mastering

• Restores film and tape content for Digital Cinema, HDTV, DVD, Blu Ray, VOD or mobile media platforms
• Archives content from film or tape to be stored at any format up to 4K
• Enhances and reformats file-based media for re-distribution on multiple delivery platforms

DVO tools – An award-winning toolset for over 20 years

Preview of DVO Clarity, the next-generation noise and grain reduction technology, which features new algorithms including grain characteristics analysis for automated grain reduction, a new motion estimation engine and a new innovative spatio-temporal filter. This next-generation tool provides stunning images, virtually artefact free that retain original sharpness.


Turbine – A unique approach to distributed processing

Turbine combines the reliability and scalability of a render grid with the performance of a computer cluster. It adds parallel processing power to the Nucoda Film Master and Phoenix workstations, massively improving render times by a factor ten.

About Digital Vision

Digital Vision provides innovative image restoration, enhancement, color correction and data conforming systems that major movie studios, television networks and post-production facilities use to master and deliver feature films, TV programs and commercials. The company’s Nucoda product line provides a strong suite of products for tapeless and non linear grading for HD broadcast and 2k/4k digital intermediate productions. The company’s award-winning products are a standard of the media and entertainment industry and are deployed at top facilities and broadcasters around the world.
Digital Vision AB was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with three wholly owned subsidiaries, Digital Vision (US) in Los Angeles, California; Digital Vision UK in London, England; and Digital Vision in Hong Kong, China. The company maintains its global presence through a network of qualified distributors. Digital Vision is listed on the Stockholm stock exchange.