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Digital Vision: IBC 2010 Preview

3D Feature Street Dance

Digital Vision is the leading supplier of colour grading, finishing, mastering and restoration solutions for the broadcast, film and commercials industries. At the heart of the company’s technology sits market-defining colour management functionality, highly creative grading tools and comprehensive stereoscopic 3D features for post production.

Its Nucoda Film Master broke new ground earlier this year when its toolset was used to grade Europe’s first – and highly successful - 3D feature StreetDance. IBC is the ideal platform to engage with Digital Vision and to sample the power yet simplicity of its technology via demonstrations hosted by leading colourists. Executives will be on-hand to guide visitors through the possibilities associated with DI workflows, stereoscopic grading and restoration requirements.

World debut: The Precision Panel

The powerful, ergonomic and slim Precision panel from Digital Vision includes new features such as four track balls, panel touch, screen tactile control surface and virtual keyboard. The high res full colour screen with touch technology also includes intuitive operation, a clearer display and a higher level of detail on the status and settings of the project, timeline and effects. The panel sees a reduced number of controls while maintaining optimal functionality.


World debut: Nucoda platform

· Digital Vision now has two new solutions to compliment its premium flagship Nucoda Film Master solution, as used by leading content creators including Pixar. To address the mid-range DI grading and dailies market, the company has introduced Nucoda Fuse, a grading and finishing solution that sets the bar for functionality and performance based on the company’s leading image science technology and Nucoda colour tools. Nucoda Compose is Digital Vision’s new entry-level solution that provides a cost-effective, multi-faceted workstation to aid in the grading, finishing and mastering workflow for commercials, film and television post production. All grading solutions are equipped with a 3D toolset.

World debut: Phoenix platform

To address the restoration market Digital Vision will demonstrate Phoenix Finish, its new flagship end-to-end restoration, re-mastering and delivery system. This focuses on creating the highest quality deliverables from film or tape based materials. The new mid-range solution - Phoenix Refine - delivers the best in high-end restoration image processing tools to repair any defect or damage to film and video media. The new entry-level Phoenix Touch, which utilises DVO technology, is a cost-effective image restoration software solution for cleaning up VFX plates and DI scans, or can be used as part of large volume restoration projects requiring manual retouch of content.


World debut: 2010 software release

· Digital Vision will demonstrate its new 2010 software release offering significant features and functionality including:
- DVO Clarity, the next-generation noise and grain management software featuring automatic profiling
- Additional stereoscopic 3D tools and viewing modes
- New Intelligent Isolation colour keyer (I-Keyer)
- Updated file format enhancements including Arri Alexa support, MFX OP1a publishing and ALE file export

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