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Compact 3D Broadcast Live Control for P+S TECHNIK Freestyle Rig

See the setup at the Sony Booth #C11001

P+S TECHNIK launches a compact 3D broadcast live control solution for its Freestyle Rig highly integrated with the popular 3D control box Sony MPE-200 and HDFA-200 multiplexer workflow. The setup is presented at NAB 2011 at the Sony booth C11.001.

That’s how it works

· The Motors (convergence and interaxial) of the P+S TECHNIK Freestyle Rigs are connected to a Cmotion Cam in.
· The HDFA-200 multiplexer box is compactly built under the Freestyle Rig Setup. The whole setup is totally balanced and can go on a regular (250) tripod.
· The Cam in of the Freestyle Rig , 2x synchronized broadcast zoom-lenses, video signals, genlock, return and power are connected to the Sony HDFA-200.
· Only one hybrid-fiber cable goes from rig to OB-Van/vision control. No power cable or wireless connection necessary.
· In the OB-Van/control room everything can be controlled through the CCU and MPE-200. The stereoscopic rig-parameters as well as the initial calibration can be handled with the MPE-200.

“The combination of the Sony HDC-P1 cameras, HDFA-200 fibre adaptor, MPE-200 3D processor and the P+ S TECHNIK Freestyle Rig are an ideal solution for broadcasters wanting a compact 3D camera set-up. By simple integration of the cameras, fibre adaptor and rig itself it is just a single fibre connection back to the control room from where the operator has full control over both the rig and cameras making it not only very compact but also very easy and quick to install, in fact ideal for OB usage.” says Andy Hotten, product specialist group leader for live production at Sony Professional Solutions Europe in Basingstoke, UK.

“The new broadcast integration with the Sony MPE-200 reduces manpower and tangled cables to an absolute minimum. Thanks to the P+S TECHNIK Freestyle Rig with integrated multiplexer and small box-cameras, the whole 3D-setup is not larger than a regular 2D setup. This means that the people in front and behind the camera are not disturbed by huge “3D-towers” of equipment.” says Florian Schaefer, product specialist 3D at P+S TECHNIK, Munich.


The compact 3D broadcast live control integration works perfectly with the Freestyle Rig, but also with the Standard Rig when using a Cmotion cam in and compatible motors. The live control will be available from May 2011.


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