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Cel-Soft to Partner with Leader at NAB 2011

Cel-Scope3D has real-time high performance stereoscopic analysis with new depth charting and full logging facilities

Cel-Soft has chosen NAB 2011 as the international launch venue for the latest version of its Cel-Scope3D stereoscopic analyser. Exhibiting in partnership with Leader Instruments on booth C7833 in the Central hall, Cel-Soft will demonstrate a faster and more powerful upgrade of the system, including a portable version running a laptop.

A new automatic depth budget and depth plot logging feature allows automatic QC for 3D, particularly in post production. This replaces the hitherto laborious process of manual assessment by looking for alignment errors and depth budget excursions that are visually objectionable or exceed emerging 3D standards.

"Cel-Scope 3D is a natural complement to the Leader range of test and measurement, encoding and video display products," comments George Gonos, Leader USA's Vice President of Sales & Marketing. "It is outstandingly easy to use and provides all the information essential to a stereographer prior to and during the actual shoot as well as during the editing and QC process. We will be offering both the turn-key and software-only versions of the Cel-Scope3D on the US market."


Cel-Scope3D is designed for use on set with live inputs as well as for checking 3D media files during post-production. Available as a complete system or as Microsoft Windows-compatible software, it allows stereoscopic camera alignment to be performed quickly and confidently, ensuring 3D is accurate from the moment of capture. Footage and edits in a wide range of file formats can be viewed and assessed in real time. Disparities are analysed and displayed as clear and intelligible graphics on 2D or 3D monitors. Anaglyph display, touch-screen control and auto-alarm are all supported.

The new logging option charts against timecode the maximum and minimum depth values employed, together with the range in use. Measurements can be viewed either in percentage of screen width or in horizontal pixels. A cursor can be placed on any object of interest or point of attention for an instant measurement of that spot's disparity and hence depth. The display chart can be shared electronically or on paper with other members of the production team.


Cel-Scope3D displays can be scaled and arranged as six or eight windows on one or two PC monitors and on a 3D monitor. Left and right channels can be viewed simultaneously together with actual depth dynamics. Each display window can be set to show waveform, vectorscope and histogram graphics as well as differences in video parameters between each channel. Geometry issues can be identified easily using built-in real-time image manipulation. Quality-control tests can be performed on live stereoscopic video sources in any SD, HD or 2K format from industry standard capture cards or Firewire inputs, or alternatively from file playback.

About Cel-Soft

Located in the high-tech belt surrounding Cambridge, Cel-Soft specialises in high-performance image-processing and audio products. Founded by entrepreneur and engineer Robin Palmer, the company benefits from over 27 years of successful product innovation.