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Carmen 3D at NAB 2011

Open to All on Monday 11. April 2011 04:30pm - 05:30pm

"Carmen 3D" strikes a delicate balance between theatrical music performance and 3D cinema and in the process introduces a new operatic experience. Shot during live performances, "Carmen 3D" captures a night at the opera, from the pre-curtain call tension and backstage preparations to the spectacle of Bizet's drama of love, lust and heartbreak. How was the work of two directors--one stage and libretto and the second motion picture--united into a single vision?

How did the filmmakers create the best 3D possible through camera placement and movement, lens choice, etc., while minimizing distractions for the audience? How did the process impact the actors' performances and the work of the various department heads, from makeup to set design? A glimpse into the creation of the first 3D opera photographed for feature film release.

Carmen 3D playing in 1,500 cinemas around the globe

Georges Bizet’s Carmen is said to be the world’s most popular opera. Now it is playing in 3D in 1500 cinemas around the globe. After cinemas, the movie will then be released on 3D Blu-ray discs.

Directed for cinema by Julian Napier and produced by Phil Streather, the cast includes Christine Rice as Carmen, Bryan Hymel in the role of Don Jose and Aris Argiris as Escamillo. The music is conducted by Constantinos Carydis.


Phil Streather and Julian Napier have opted for P+S TECHNIK Freestyle Rigs to convert the stage performance of opera into a 3D feature movie now playing in cinemas: “We could not have completed Carmen in the way the director, Julian Napier, wanted without the Freestyle Rigs,” said Phil Streather. “P+S TECHNIK’s Freestyle Rig is a versatile and lightweight 3D rig that can go on a steadicam or remote dolly; and we used both on Carmen in 3D to get the cameras close enough to the action for great 3D,” he continues.

The makers are confident that everyone who sees ‘Carmen 3D’ will be blown away by the resulting experience. And they will continue to realize cutting-edge projects: “The introduction of the Freestyle Rig’s Evolution Upgrade means that P+S TECHNIK remains at the forefront of lightweight rig design and sales and I look forward to using this rig on future productions.” Phil Streather, Producer of Carmen 3D, Founder and CEO of Principal Large Format (PLF). We will continue to provide the best tools for the job, for sure.

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