Capturing 3D and 2D at the Same Time

Stereotec will exhibit at the Chrosziel Stand 3-A01 and at the Betz Stand 3-Do8

A parallel 3D + 2D set-up will be presented by STEREOTEC and CHROSZIEL at the Chrosziel booth. The system allows to capture 3D and 2D content simultaneously with one camera system - operated by only one camera operator.

STEREOTEC's established Mid Size Rig will be part of the set-up. The beam-splitter rig will be combined with a STEREOTEC Side-by-Side Maxi Rig for the third camera, Chrosziel's 12-axes-motor-control and Stereolabs' Pure image processor - enabling the system to be fully remote-controlled. The cameras can, for example, get aligned from the OB vehicle - saving a lot of time and personnel.

The STEREOTEC Light Weight Rig was one of the company's highlights at the IBC Show in Amsterdam and could be seen at the Betz-Tools stand. Due to the size of the cameras, the highend 3D Rigs have become smaller and lighter without loosing any of their functions. Stereotec's Light Weight Rig is specially designed for Steadycam and hand-held, but can as well be used on a tripod or crane. It can be motorized on up to eleven axes which is unique on the market.


STEREOTEC is one of the most renowned stereoscopic service providers worldwide - delivering the highest level of quality in the 3D area. Their service includes 3D work for feature film (e.g. Paramount‘s „Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters“), broadcasts (e.g. German Bundesliga), commercials (e.g. Sony, VW) and documentaries (e.g. NASA Space Shuttle Start). STEREOTEC is also a leading 3D equipment manufacturer and provides all kinds of 3D rigs, developed and constantly improved by the company’s experience in their daily 3D work in film or broadcast.
Founded by stereographer Florian Maier, STEREOTEC’s philosophy is to provide the most precise, reliable and easy-to-use 3D products for a workflow at 2D speed.