The Brightest Family of LED Video Walls

Barco has created the 3D-capable OLS(F) series to respond to the growing demand for cost-effective video walls

Barco introduces a new generation of LEDs into its complete portfolio of LED video walls. Boosting brightness levels to meet or even exceed lamp-based video walls, this 3rd generation significantly enhances operator viewing comfort, and further expands the usability of LED video walls. Combined with the other advantages of Barco’s LED video walls, including liquid cooling and Sense6, these video walls offer the brightest and most saturated colors, low maintenance and usability in 24/7 applications.

Brightest pictures
3rd generation LEDs boost the brightness levels of Barco’s LED video walls with over 33%. In combination with the more effective liquid cooling technology, this results in the brightest LED video walls on the market today, without shortening the system’s lifetime. What’s more, operating at today’s standard brightness levels, Barco LED video walls consume 33% less power.

The coolest engine
Barco uses an advanced liquid cooling system for its new LED video walls, which brings down the LED temperature to an optimal level.

The result?
•    80,000 hours of continuous operation in eco-mode
•    more brightness than competitive video walls
•    continuous usability in 24/7 applications
•    more than five years worry-free operation


The warmest colors
Barco's LED video wall series is equipped with a unique Sense6 sensor technology for automatic calibration in real time.

The result?
•    vibrant colors
•    unexcelled color stability
•    excellent color consistency (across screens & over time) 
•    no maintenance or manual adjustments

Vivid stereoscopy (3D)
To respond to the growing demand for cost-effective video walls with 3D-stereo capabilities, Barco has created the 3D-capable OLS(F) series. This brand-new product range builds upon the proven benefits of the OL family and adds vivid stereoscopy to the long list of differentiators.