Bexel Global Offers Fujinon UA80x9 Lenses

Company's 4K Lensing Initiative Expanded to Include New 2/3-Inch 4K UHD Lenses 

Bexel Global Broadcast Solutions, a leading worldwide provider of broadcast services and solutions, has announced the acquisition of UA80x9 lenses from Fujifilm North America (Fujinon), a preeminent international manufacturer of optical devices. Bexel Global has taken possession of the first Fujinon UA80x9 4K UHD lenses in the Americas.

Tom Dickinson, CTO of Bexel Global, says, "We are pleased to take delivery of the Fujinon 4K UHD lenses. The company is already fulfilling orders in preparation for the upcoming NFL season. The new UA80x9's are designed for a 2/3-inch sensor and have an 80x zoom and optical image stabilization, making them perfect for the coverage of large-scale live events that Bexel Global specializes in."

In addition to its advanced optical performance, the Fujinon UA80x9 lens covers focal lengths ranging from 9mm in wide angle to 720mm in telephoto. The digital servo's 16-bit encoding assures operators that all lens data output, including the position of the zoom, iris and focus, is extremely accurate. The UA80x9 lens is one of a series of new UHD lenses from Fujinon.


Fujinon's proprietary multi-layer coating processing, High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating, is applied to the lens for enhanced transmission and color reproduction. In addition, the lens features a unique "optical stabilization mechanism," providing optimum adjustment to image shakes caused by vibration and wind, making the lens well suited for any application where the camera operator must maintain a rock-steady close up shot for long periods of time.

Gordon Tubbs, Vice President of Broadcast and Communications Products for Fujifilm North America, comments, "With the projected growth of 4K production, we knew we needed to extend 4K optical performance to customers using 2/3-inch broadcast cameras for sports and entertainment broadcasts. With our UA80x9 lenses, 4K UHD productions can now be produced with equipment that has the same 'look and feel' capabilities of HD, but with a premium picture quality. We are very pleased to be working with forward looking customers like Bexel Global, who have a very clear understanding of what their clients need now and what support they will need in the future."


"Our significant and ongoing investment in 4K lensing is an important part of Bexel Global's overall 4K strategy," concludes Dickinson. "We are committed to 4K production, and the Fujinon UA80x9 lenses are an important part of our growing UHD inventory. That inventory includes the Sony HDC-4300 camera systems that we invested in earlier this year, and these new lenses are a perfect complement to them. With the ramp up to the approaching football season and other major events, Bexel Global is perfectly positioned to meet the growing demand we are seeing from our customers for UHD support."

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