BCE, Level 3 Communications and Sony Demonstrated 4K Live Over IP Broadcast


Using state-of-the-art equipment from Sony and fiber links from Level 3 Communications, BCE configured the production platform and studio in Luxembourg. The broadcast was captured in Ultra High Definition at a 50p rate. The demo on Sony and BCE booth were configured by Sony experts.

This demonstration was screened successfully each day and during Sony’s Press Conference at IBC 2014. This live 4k/50p production demonstrated bi-directional transmission of 4K signals including audio and real-time remote control (pan, tilt and zoom). Even with the 320 km separating each city, the broadcasting was perfectly ensured with no delay in the video.


Live production over IP is the next level for broadcasters, with this demonstration, BCE, Level 3 Communications and Sony proved that large scale production in Ultra High Definition can be done, with no latency, over IP. This performance will trigger the future of live production, opening a new world for broadcasters, increasing mobility and flexibility as well as reducing production costs, since live over IP minimizes staffing requirements but also equipment, trucks or even cabling for each productions.

4K Live over IP images from BCE at the Sony IBC booth


“We see live over IP as a real game-changer, since it provides broadcasters with a potent combination of format flexibility, creative control and ‘access-from-anywhere’ mobility,” explained Gusty Feinen, Manager of New Technologies at BCE. “We think this technology will play a significant role over the coming months and years as live broadcasters increasingly look today to Video-over-IP solutions as a differentiator today and to 4K in near future, while still aiming to keep their costs and logistical operations to a manageable level.”

4K Live Over IP Partners


With this 4K live production over IP, BCE continues to demonstrate its expertise in finding and testing new solutions for the future of broadcasting. “Technology is in constant evolution and it is important that our customers would be the first informed about new strengths to serve their audience thus minimizing their infrastructure costs,” concluded Patrick Bernard, Head of Technical Services at BCE.