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Angenieux Optimo DP Lens Delivers Unmatched Performance in 3D

Optimo DP 16-42mm Lenses

Advances in the quality of 3D imaging have recently turbocharged demand for the technology, and industry leader 21st Century 3D depends on Angenieux Optimo DP Series lenses to help them meet the challenge of delivering content. From feature length films to television content to special venue productions, 21st Century 3D has built a solid reputation as a pioneer in the area of stereoscopic content creation and technology development. Since 2009, their highly regarded BX3™ beam splitter has featured Angenieux’s Optimo DP Series 16–42mm lenses.

“There is no comparison in the market to the Optimo DP Series lenses’ superior performance in the 3D format,” said Jason Goodman, CEO, 21st Century 3D. “Stereoscopic production requires an optical precision that is significantly more demanding than that required in a 2D production and the Optimo DP Series lenses are the perfect choice for this application. Their quality absolutely adds to our production value. The available focal lengths also compliment our production style and speed.”

Over the past 17 years, 21st Century 3D has designed and built numerous 3D camera systems and developed exclusive technologies, including the world’s smallest and lightest integrated RAW recording high definition stereoscopic motion picture camera system. In designing the latest iteration of the BX3 optical beam splitter, 21st Century was looking to make the package smaller and more portable and the Optimo DP Series lenses met the criteria perfectly. Weighing only 4.2 pounds, the Optimo DP 16–42mm lens matches the performance and features of the large format digital cameras.

“Our design allows the operator to dynamically adjust depth settings during a shot to vary the intensity of the 3D effect. The Optimo DP Series lenses respond to these adjustments instantly without ramping or breathing,” adds Mr. Goodman. “The lenses have really helped to make our productions look better. Their design and build quality is second to none, just as I would expect from Angenieux.”

The Optimo DP Series lenses have been effectively used by 21st Century 3D in a number of 3D productions including the feature film JuliaX, a Heineken Beer commercial and in the Teton Gravity Research (TGR) extreme skiing film, Lighting the Wick. Mr. Goodman has also presented the BX3 system with the Optimo DP Series lenses to graduate film students at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

He says, “The lenses have performed flawlessly in every situation, from controlled studio environments to being mounted in a helicopter.”

The high performance lenses featuring Angenieux’s industry leading optics and mechanical design are also cost effective. Designed for the new generation of large format digital cameras, the DP Series includes the lightweight 16-42mm and 30-80mm Optimo DP to provide cinematographers with a broad focal range of 16-80mm.

Thales Angenieux has also recently introduced a new 3D-ready package for its line of Optimo DP Lenses. The Optimo 3D-ready package can consist of either two 16-42mm Optimo DP or 30-80mm Optimo DP lenses. In addition to superior optical quality and a reliable and precise mechanism, the Optimo 3D-ready package includes specific features for 3D applications such as factory matched zoom and focus scale, comparable optical quality and easily adjustable tracking to help assure flawless performance.

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Angenieux offers a full complement of high precision lenses for a wide range ofbroadcast and video production applications, including: Optimo Series Lenses for the most demanding HDTV and 35mm production applications; High Definition (HD) Series cine-style, wide angle and studio lenses; High Resolution (HR) Series wide angle and all-purpose ENG lenses including economically priced HD-e series; Studio and Sports/Outside Broadcast (OB) lenses.