Angenieux & Binocle 3D Announce Partnership

THALES ANGENIEUX and BINOCLE are to join forces to better serve the stereoscopic 3D market

THALES ANGENIEUX, well known by Cinema Professionals worldwide as manufacturers of the famous Optimo series of lenses, and recipients of special Oscars in 1964, 1998, and 2009, and rewarded in 2006 with an Emmy award, has made the decision to invest in 3D applications for TV.

BINOCLE, recognized for more than 15 years for its R&D work and production services in stereoscopic 3D, was keen to collaborate with an industrial partner to manufacture and sell its products which have already been used to make many movies and documentaries.

Having worked together on several collaborative stereoscopic 3D projects over more than 13 years, and both been involved in the development of the first automatic stereoscopic 3D camera prototype with THOMSON in 1998, the two companies have agreed to reinforce their partnership with the aim of offering professional Broadcasters 3D solutions adapted to their specific needs.


The results of this cooperation, based on expertise and proven practices, will be an asset for those looking at innovative ways of shooting Live Television, and wanting to work in stereoscopic 3D.

The partners will concentrate on Live applications for which they had already considerable experience during the 3D LIVE project (2009 to 2012). That experience with OB trucks on numerous productions resulted in the development of new rigs, lenses and correction softwares. Every effort was made to address known pros & cons of stereoscopic 3D shooting : equipment size, weight, handling, total operating cost, etc.

A first system will be marketed under a new commercial brand, “AB LIVE”.

This easy to manage system brings stereoscopic 3D production within reach of everybody, while drastically reducing operational costs, particularly in the case of live events.


The main aim is to offer a versatile turnkey solution with tailor made support, adaptable to all projects. The two partners will be able to sustain this global solution through the expertise of THALES ANGENIEUX whose primary goal will be to ensure perfect matching and synchronization of the two lenses, and BINOCLE’s stereoscopic 3D expertise in shooting, directing, and image processing.

BINOCLE has already contributed to many productions for TV, like: ‘La France entre Ciel et Mer ‘ (France between sky & earth‐ Documentary), the first 3D Live concert of french rock group «Skip The Use», «Le défi des bâtisseurs” (Builders’challenge –Strasbourg Cathedral documentary) along with major movie productions, many of which have been recognised and honoured for their high quality 3D.


AB LIVE will offer users an easier approach.

The partners are determined to offer a system which is able to provide users with a simpler way to achieve 3D. First – a smart plug & shoot system, easy and fast to install. The system is pre‐cabled so that connections are easily and quickly made.

Cameras, which can be supplied on request, and zooms, are factory preadjusted allowing easy setting and alignment with accurate synchronization. Preferred 3D settings can be recorded and later recalled to reduce setting up time at subsequent locations.

This all‐in‐one equipment solution will enable a quick start, and easy shooting with automatic, live software analysis. It has to be a ‘must consider‘ solution if 3D is a route that is to be investigated; It makes it really achievable .