Agile Developments Boost Pablo and Power up Pablo PA

While the organisers reported a 4% increase in visitor numbers, visits to the Quantel stand were up 20% on last year

At IBC Quantel's Pablo gained lots more great new tools and capabilities thanks to Quantel's agile development program. These included the stunning Geofix2 S3D geometry correction tool, integration with OpenEXR and DNxHD soft mount. Also the Pablo PA workflow assist station powered up at IBC with the NVIDIA Quadro support, speeding up many processes and enabling realtime S3D playback. Pablo PA also now supports dual monitor operation with full frame S3D display.

Pablo: Improved connectivity and new tools the result of customer-aligned R&D approach

At IBC 2011 Quantel previewed the latest developments for Pablo, adding even more useful and productive tools. These include Geofix2 advanced S3D geometry correction, group effects creation, advanced integration with OpenEXR and DNxHD soft mount support. These developments will be released to Quantel users in October.

These latest developments are in addition to the 59 new features added to Pablo since May this year. This is the a result of a new agile development approach in Quantel. New features have included:   

• DNxHD support   
• S3D Disparity controls for text and shapes   
• Adding Soft-mounted archives to the timeline   
• QColor and Pablo modular panels support in MLTFX   
• One-click auto vergence for S3D

All the new features have been released as quickly as possible to shorten the time between development and real-world customer feedback; there have been five feature release packages since May. This agile approach is allowing Quantel to respond quickly to user requests for additional features and boosts reliability as the develop-test-release-feedback-refine cycle is shortened.


Precision Stereo Geometry alignment with Geofix2
Geofix2 is a completely new tool to fix S3D geometry errors. Building on all the real-world experience gained with the original Geofix tool, Geofix2 uses advanced image analysis techniques and applies corrections to both eyes to fix stereo geometry with unmatched precision and quality. The Geofix correction values are also now exposed and keyframeable in the DVE, giving users another level of flexibility.

Quickly apply effects to groups of shots
Any effect, not just colour, can now be instantly applied to any group of segments across multiple tracks. This includes grouping based on rush id (multiple shots that have come from the same source rush) and allows color settings to be applied on an individual cascade basis. The result is faster client-attend operation with even more flexibility.

Enhanced pipeline integration with OpenEXR and DNxHD soft mount support
OpenEXR images can now be imported into Pablo for finishing and color correction. The high dynamic range of these images gives unrivalled flexibility for color manipulation and finessing. MXF DNxHD files can be soft mounted and conformed without the need to import or move media, speeding DNxHD workflows.

"Pablo's comprehensive all-round toolset is the secret to its success," said Martin Mulligan, Quantel Sales and Marketing Director. "The agile development approach is a great way for us to get customer ideas into the toolset quickly and reliably as our frequent release schedule proves. The new Geofix2 tool is a great example of customer feedback - they sent us Stereo3D images which were hard to correct and that led directly to the Geofix2 development and its amazing real-world performance."


Quantel's post workflow assist station now even more productive and better connected

Quantel demonstrated new developments for its Pablo PA conform, preparation and workflow software - CUDA GPU processing, a full frame S3D-capable output and Genetic Engineering connectivity.

Pablo PA now supports NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards, and benefits from CUDA GPU processing. CUDA support enables new levels of interactivity and even realtime playback of Stereo3D content.

Pablo PA also now supports dual monitor operation with a Quadro graphics card. The second monitor provides full frame picture display including side-by-side for realtime display of S3D media.

Genetic Engineering connectivity enables Pablo PA to work on Quantel's GenePool shared storage. Pablo PA can look directly into the GenePool via Sam, work on a clip and publish the results back. New frames can be rendered onto the Pablo PA and published back into the GenePool for other GenePool-connected systems to access. Alternatively the Pablo PA can publish clips with settings ready for other Quantel systems to render.


Shot selection and conform verification on soft mounted media can also be handled on Pablo PA, and the result published to the GenePool, localising media as required.

"Pablo PA is already popular with Quantel customers," said Steve Owen, Quantel Director of Marketing. "These new developments address the top three requests we've had from our users and enable Pablo PA to become an even more productive and capable assist system."