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FOR-A addresses growing 3D Market with CEQ-100HS Color Equalizer


FOR-A, a manufacturer of video and audio systems for the broadcast and professional video industries, will introduce the CEQ-100HS Color Equalizer at the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nev., April 12-15 (Booth C5219). An integrated processor developed for 3D production, the new CEQ-100HS offers a number of tools to help calibrate and monitor live 3D video.

Determine the maximum parallax within the 3D video

“There is a growing market for 3D, in which content creators need better tools to produce clean 3D video,” said Hiro Tanoue, president, FOR-A Corporation of America. “Our new Color Equalizer provides an efficient way to adjust, correct, and monitor 3D imagery during production to minimize problems in post.”

The compact, 1 RU CEQ-100HS includes HD/SD-SDI I/O and supports 1080i, 720p, NTSC, and PAL with auto detection of the signal. Equipped with two frame synchronizers, it allows stereo 3D filming with cameras that have no external synchronous input.

By capturing a color chart recorded by both cameras, its automatic color calibration helps correct color between the pictures from both cameras. The CEQ-100HS can also adjust the horizontal parallax, which determines the depth of the 3D images, for automatic optimal axis correction.

With its parallax calculation function, the CEQ-100HS can determine the maximum parallax within the 3D video.

In addition, the CEQ-100HS provides a variety of monitoring options. It allows side-by-side, field sequential, anaglyph, and other 3D video output on a 3D monitor, and provides synthesis and differential offset video output to check horizontal parallax and color adjustment.

The CEQ-100HS will be available in June 2010.