AB One - A Smart 3D RIG System - Come and see it at BIRTV on JEBSEN booth (Booth No.10, 8B Exhibition hall)

AB LIVE brand partners THALES ANGENIEUX and BINOCLE 3D, have decided to serve the Broadcast Industry with innovative ways of shooting, giving operators the opportunity to enlarge their service offer at unbeatable price.

The first system called “AB One” represents the new generation of 3D RIG. This easy to manage system brings stereoscopic 3D production within reach of everybody, while drastically reducing operational costs.

AB LIVE’s offer is composed not only of a 3D rig but also with specific 3D lenses, correction tool and transmission system. The main aim is to offer a versatile turnkey solution with tailor made support, adaptable to all projects, medias and applications.


- The system is fast & easy to install, thanks to its unique Plug & shoot concept: No need of specialised technical crew: 2D team can easily set up as usual under 5 minutes per rig!

- The expertise on lenses have enabled Thales Angénieux to design specific 3D lenses making them easy to synchronise and so quick that operators dream about them

- Alignment is fast & easy thanks to special programme and user friendly operating panel (OCP 3D)

- System has been designed to work for live operation with a Fiber adapter direct link to Operations with standard metadata connections


- 3D vision engineers benefit from special OCP Operating Control Panel, enabling several rigs control.

- Software Tool analyser with automatic image corrections in real time is complementing the system, optimising its cost for operations.

- Finally, the system is supporting its customers & users in running perfect 3D shooting at limited cost, making it competitive to 2D.

THALES ANGENIEUX, well known by TV & Cinema Professionals worldwide as manufacturers of the famous Optimo series of lenses, and having worked in the Broadcast Industry for more than 75 years has made the decision to invest in 3D applications to give the opportunity to its customers to offer more versatile and new services.


BINOCLE 3D, has long been a dynamic actor in stereoscopic 3D for more than 15 years, providing hardware and crews to shoot many 3D stereoscopic movies and documentaries all over the world, many of which have been rewarded for their outstanding 3D mastering.

Both companies have long been working together on this project, exploring innovative ways of shooting and particularly several stereoscopic 3D projects. The last but not least “3D Live” being dedicated to Live production in S3D for OB work.


The partners have gained field expertise and have encountered all the drawbacks of S3D shooting: Too complicated, too long, too expensive, too much!! These experiences are the result of several efforts which were made to address known pros & cons of stereoscopic 3D shooting: equipment size, weight, handling, set up time, total operating cost, etc.