3DIS Introduced 3D Showcases on 3D LED Display at PALME ASIA 2011

3DIS distinguished itself from other production house as a 3D-Experienced design house

3DIS introduced state-of-the-art 3D technology toSouth East Asia during 13 – 15 July 2011 at PALME ASIA 2011 in Singapore withwide selection of 3D Video Production services together with 3D LED Displaywhich has been showcasing and ready to be serve to South East Asia for thefirst time.

Although3D technology has been around for more than half century started from Anaglyph, Circular Polarization then ActiveShutter Technology which giving more choices to the users to experiencedifferent type of 3D technology, there are only a few experienced and potential3D Media Production Companies in the market who really dedicate to 3D ContentProduction and understand the possibilities and connection of 3D contents andthe users.

Itis true enough that most of the major electronic manufacturers worldwide race tolaunch their products no matter Projector, LCD or Plasma TV, Digital Camera oreven Pocket Video Game in 3D model. Also the demand growth of 3D contentsdevelops steadily in high-speed causing the supply growth number of 3D ElectronicsDevices promptly from manufacturers. While 3D video production business is alsoon the booming stage that most of the companies start off to create either 3DFilm Production or 3D Television Program targeted 3D home-user. However, 3D forlive-events targeting corporate events or concerts seems to be left in themist.


3DISLimited, therefore, aims to provide stunning 3D Media and 3D Video Production Solutionsto the market and giving more chance to the end-users to experience 3D VideoProduction for corporate video and also live-events. 3DIS Limited nurtures experiencedproduction team from Hong Kong leading cinematographers, former producers fromHong Kong TV Station to proficient computer graphic designers who have strongbackground and experience in 3D Production in order to fulfill market’s demandof quality and creativity. 3DIS also positions itself as a pioneer in 3D livevideo shooting for live-events which is the first of it kinds to be promoted inAsia.

Recently,3DIS Limited Hong Kong set-up the first trade show in South East Asia duringPALME Asia 2011, exhibiting out-of-the-box 3D Production showcases range from3D Video Production, 3D Animation Production, Frame by frame 2D to 3D ContentsConversion, and last but not the least 3D Live Shooting for events. 3DIS’Showcases are not just beat the rumors of the possibilities of 3D VideoProduction for live-events but also let the visitors from the industry, marketand public audience to feel 3DIS as 3D-Experienced Design House. 3DISalso reveals that all of the services which they have showcased during PALMEASIA 2011 in Singaporeare ready to be booked for any upcoming events worldwide.