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3Dcode opens Barcelona office to serve Italy, Portugal and Spanish speaking countries

Julian Crivelli has over 20 years in the industry and extensive experience in 3D

Decode, London 3D specialist rental company has opened a base in Barcelona as a further step in their expansion.  The office will operate under the 3Dcode banner, which is the new 3D equipment sales arm of Decode.

The office is headed by an experienced 3D expert, stereographer Julian Crivelli, as well as sales staff,  and will deal with the Spanish speaking countries of Spain, Central and South America, as well as Italy and Portugal, all in their native languages.

One of 3Dcode’s new D-Rex 3D mirror rigs will be based there, available for rental and also as demo unit for potential sales. In fact Julian has been involved in the extensive development and testing of the Decode D-Rex and D-Raptor rigs over the last 12 months prior to their recent launch at Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles.


Company MD, film and TV director Samuel Martin said “3D programme making and planning is very much alive right now and there is no doubt that that activity is global. I plan to be part of that by making Decode’s specialised 3D equipment and expertise available where it is required. Our aim is to bring 3D to the mid to high end range market by providing 3D rigs that allow the operator to have access to all the necessary adjustments, quick and easy, but with a price tag lower than our competitors. We could create a rig that cost upwards of £50k but our intention is to introduce 3D to a more budget conscious market. I believe 3D will only become mainstream if the average company or producer is able to pitch and introduce 3D content that can fit within their budget. We all agree 3D is more expensive and requires a new set of skills but at the moment the equipment is too expensive for this to happen. We hope 3Dcode rigs can help bridge that gap”.


Founded by Film / TV Director Samuel Martin in 2004, Decode is a London-based rental and sales specialist in high end 3D, HD and 4K equipment for the film and television industry. The newly formed company for sales is 3Dcode.

Investing heavily in 3D over the last two years, they have now developed their own brand 3D rigs and 3D tools for theatrical and TV production. The extensive range of equipment, maintained and tested to the highest standards, allow them to efficiently fulfil requests for most HD and 4K cameras and formats, HD and 35mm lenses, dollies and other accessories.


They also offer 2D and 3D support, including logistics and implementation, to long term productions and feature films requiring assistance and advice during pre-production and production.

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