3D Sports & Beyond

2D/3D Workflows - Ultra High Resolution Formats

The state of 3D production is a controversial topic. Some SVG members have outright said that “3D is Dead,” while others believe that “These things take time.” Meanwhile, on the horizon are a new spate of ultra-high resolution formats — 4K, high-frame rates, etc. — that may be an even greater game changer for the sports video experience.

That’s why this year’s SVG 3D Sports event, to be held on May 25 at CBS Studios in New York, is called “3D Sports & Beyond.” In the 12 months since SVG’s last 3D event at CBS much has transpired in the way of 3D distribution and production as the industry grapples with making 3D economically feasible.

This year’s Summit will be another step towards that goal.

• ESPN production executives will be on hand to discuss what they have learned during more than 100 3D productions.

• The NBA, CBS, and ESPN will discuss advancements in unified 2D and 3D productions.

• Next-generation technologies like 4k, higher frame rate distribution to theaters, and virtual camera technologies will be reviewed.

• And a combination of technical discussions from the stage and tabletop exhibits will provide insight into trends in 3D production and post production gear.


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