3D RailCam at the British Speedway GP

3D RailCam from ACS at the British Speedway GP

On June 25th, ACS achieved another first by using a 3D rail camera on the British Speedway Grand Prix at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff as part of Sky Sport’s live 3D coverage.

ACS’ Element Technica Pulsar mirror rig was installed on a Stab-C mount to race along  with the speedway motorcycles from the start right up to the first corner.

Needless to say only a powerful high speed railcam can keep up with the bikes as they go off full throttle.

Convergence and Stereography for the rig were carried out in ACS’ dedicated 3D operating vehicle.

The combined effort of an ACS crew of 7 resulted in spectacular 3D shots, enabling viewers to feel if as they were driving along with the bikes.