3D Processing with TV One

3D processing using TV One’s range of CORIO® products

TV One, widely recognized as a world leader in video signal processing technology, is again expanding their portfolio to introduce a whole new range of products capable of 3D signal processing using their award-winning CORIO® Technology.

Demonstrated at IBC 2010 last month, 3D processing using TV One’s range of CORIO® products gained a lot of interest and provoked further discussion of possible products for the future. Steven Mattingly, Managing Director of TV One, states “the beauty of showing this emerging technology range at IBC means that we are able to fully engage with potential clients and customers and ask them outright what they want or would like to see in future products. It is our customers that lead the way in market demand and we value the opportunity to listen to what they say and plan and develop our products accordingly to give them what they want.”

Because TV One’s exclusive CORIO® technology is so versatile, both the industry and the home 3D standards, which differ in their signal formats, can be supported using the same processing engine, keeping development and subsequent product costs for the end user to a minimum. There is also a large range of possible 3D processing features including independent scaling of 3D resolutions, transcoding between the various types of 3D resolutions for alternative transmission methods, production of 3D images of live video using standard camera sources and also insertion of picture-in-picture windows of 2D images so that they appear “floating” in front of a background 3D video.


The vast range of video signal processing options with CORIO® products is limitless and this unique technology is once again diversifying to incorporate future trends and customer demand. The future of 3D signal processing with TV One products is just around the corner and is sure to offer the current market a much wider range of options and possibilities to the customer and viewer.

TV One