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3D @ NAB 2012


From Super Sessions to Conferences to Training and on the Exhibit Floor, the latest in 3D will be featured at NAB Show.

In the Super Sessions

CAMERON | PACE GROUP: The Secrets of Making 3D Profitable
Before CPG, broadcasters were unable to make a viable business case for 3D. But now, CPG's revolutionary 5D solutions enable crews to shoot 2D and 3D at the same time, without a significant increase in production cost or personnel. In this session, CPG will reveal the strategy and the details behind 5D productions, including the ESPN Winter X Games where 35 rigs were used to accomplish the largest 5D production in history. MORE

In the Creative Master Series

Titanic to 3D: 279,360 Frames
Converting "Titanic" from 2D to 3D was an artistically demanding, detailed and painstaking process that involved recreating each of the motion picture's 279,360 frames in the filmmaker's stereoscopic vision. Lightstorm and Stereo D brought together more than 450 people who worked for 60 weeks to make the highest quality conversion possible and meet the April day-and-date release schedule. Go behind the scenes with the filmmakers and learn about the challenges they faced creating a 3D experience for one of the most successful feature films of all times. MORE


The Brave New World of Filmmaking with Digital Technologies
From 4K and high frame rate acquisition, to production design with 3D software, from virtual shot choreography and compositing, to fully functional, immersive CG sets, new digital techniques are transforming the art and craft of filmmaking. Join leading filmmakers from the AMPAS Cinematographers, Art Directors and Visual Effects Branches as they look at the benefits and challenges of creating motion pictures with new digital technologies, showing clips and citing their work on some of Hollywood's most honored and revolutionary projects. MORE

In Post|Production World

Keynote: How Creativity and Technology Merge to Influence Storytelling and Film
Get a taste of how advances in digital technology can be used to help you create engaging, thought-provoking work more quickly than ever before. MORE

3D Workflows with Grass Valley – Tales from the 3D Road at the Mongolian Golden Eagle Festival
Al Caudullo of Al Caudullo Productions talks about his experiences shooting in the rugged highlands of western Mongolia using an entirely 3D-based workflow, with the new EDIUS® 3D Preview Version NLE software from Grass Valley™. MORE


Director of Photography Workshop – 3ality: 3D from the DPs Perspective/Stereoscopic Vision as a Storytelling Tool
This Workshop featuring Gary Adcock (Digerati, Studio 37 Chicago), explores the latest in both business and technology trends to help advanced professionals in charge of modern productions. MORE
Sessions include:
ARRI Alexa Update 2012
LOG, LUT'S & RAW – On Set Color Management
Shooting 3D at -30 Below
Trends and Developments in Image and Capture
Canon Digital Cinema – The DSLR Updated

In the Broadcast Engineering Conference

Broadcast 3DTV
Chaired by ETRI's Youngkwon Lim, this session includes the following paper presentations: MORE
Enhancing the 3D TV Experience through Next-Generation 3D Audio Coding and Processing Technology
High-quality 3D Baseball Games Broadcast Live using Stereoscopic Image Capturing, with Real-time 3D CG Overlays to Ease Visual Fatigue of the Viewing Audience
SMPTE & 3D: Making It All Work Together
Advanced ATSC Service with MPEG-4
Transmission of Second Generation of 3DTV: Challenges, Risks and Opportunities
Depth Based Trifocal Systems, a Flexible and Efficient Way towards Broadcast 3DTV
The Importance of Testing 3D Content for Broadcast
200-inch Glasses-free 3D Display with Wide Viewing Area

Paper presentations from: BluFocus; DTS; Harris Corporation; Hispasat; KBS; NICT; Nippon Television Network Corporation; Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft HHI


In the Technology Summit on Cinema

Keynote: A Change Is Gonna Come – In Fact, It's Here
Very few professionals are able to witness and be involved first hand in a paradigm shift... a complete change in the way business is done. We, in the entertainment business, are in that enviable place as theatres, one of the last bastions of analog media, transform to digital specs. And, this transformation is a complete game changer – not just for the exhibition community, but for the entertainment industry as a whole. During this session, we'll address our need to be innovators and how – together – we can conquer and thrive in the exciting, burgeoning new technological world. MORE

Cinema Sound Advances
There have been exciting recent advances and ongoing standards work in sound for cinema exhibition. This session will provide an update on the progress of the SMPTE B-Chain Study Group focusing on acoustical measurement techniques for improved interchange and interoperability for the cinema, a novel approach on packaging and playback of audio tracks for 3D, and a presentation on audio processing for cinema applications. MORE

Moderator: Sunil Bharitkar, Dolby Laboratories; Speakers: Stuart Bowling, Dolby Laboratories; Brian Claypool, Barco Media and Entertainment; Brian Vessa, Sony Pictures Entertainment


3DIY: Toolsets for Independent 3D Filmmaking
Emerging digital toolsets are driving a wave of independent production of stereoscopic motion pictures. New 3D movies in every conceivable genre, from documentaries and avant-garde experiments, to dramatic and humorous narratives, are being made by fiercely individual filmmakers all around the world. In their hands, the 3D film is evolving a new visual grammar for the motion picture screen. Four independent 3D moviemakers discuss the digital toolsets they used for capture, post-production and deliverables of their stereoscopic motion pictures. Each of the indie 3D filmmakers shows a short 3D clip of their work and discusses the toolsets used. MORE

Moderator: Ray Zone, 3D Zone; Speakers: Perry Hoberman, USC School of Cinema-TV; Tom Koester, 3DMaker, Eric Kurland,

High Frame Rate Stereoscopic 3D
Higher Frame Rate (HFR) 3D has become of great interest to the creatives, including such notables as James Cameron and Peter Jackson, as a way to improve overall 3D presentation quality. Both are pursuing projects to produce 3D at high frame rates. This session will explore some of the scientific, technical, and business issues this creative direction elicits. MORE

Moderator: Wendy Aylsworth, Warner Bros.; Speakers: Martin Banks, University of California, Berkeley; Siegfried Foessel, Frauhofer IIS; Nick Mitchell, Technicolor Digital Cinema; Phil Oatley, Park Road Post Production LTD