3D Fiction & 3D EFP Solutions

A complete line-up of 3D production equipment

Over the last year, Euro Media Group-3D (EMG-3D)has developed a complete work-flow for EFP 3D stereo productions. Depending on project and budget, EMG-3D can offer tailor made solutions using the right tools ranging from quick and fast ENG style cameras up to under water cameras and to high end mirror rigs fitted with cine style cameras.

EMG-3D services include:
•    Pre-production and consultancy
•    Project management
•    Stereography and crew
•    3D Eng Style cameras
•    Mirror rigs and processing
•    3D underwater camera
•    3D post-production and graphics
•    Colour and depth grading
•    Distribution support

EMG-3D is back from Réunion!


Currently EMG-3D is involved in a series of 6 documentaries in 3D on the greatest forests in the world: the ones in France’s overseas territories. The series is produced by Lithium Productions and hosted by Olivier Chiabodo. After the expedition to Guiana, EMG-3D now offers the chance to discover the forests of Réunion, in 52 minutes of 3D. The first episode on French Guiana has also been aired on October 15th and is available on Dailymotion in 3D: French Guiana in 3D


The second shoot on La Réunion island is now in post-production and will be broadcast on March 20 in France on France Ô in 2D and Orange in 3D.

A team of ten people spent two weeks with the first 3D Sony TD300 cameras available in Europe. The major advantage of these cameras is the dual focus optical system, which is as fast as using mirror rigs. This system also allows the left and right lenses operate in a perfectly synchronised way, with high-precision adjustment of the focusing, the zoom and the diaphragm. As the camera is fully integrated (as with the 2D model), the team was able to concentrate fully on the quality of the images and the 3D relief.

Until now, underwater 3D images have been rare, but EMG-3D has adapted a diving bell to allow the underwater world to be explored. Capable of reaching depths of almost 80 metres, this system allows 3D images to be recorded of underwater lava flows and the many species of coral that form the island’s marine ecosystem. This technological innovation allowed amazing results to be achieved!