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3D Booklet and HD OBVan Special 2010 available at IBC

The Live-Production.TV press stand #38 is located on the walkway between Halls 8 & 9/10/11

At IBC in Amsterdam our 3D Booklet and our HD OBVan Special 2010 will be available at the Live-Production.TV press stand #38 on the walkway between Halls 8 & 9/10/11. The Booklet will cover recent 3D productions like Football, Ice Hockey, Tennis and Rugby and will give a comprehensive overview of available 3D production trucks as well as a brief description of state-of-the-art 3D production equipment.

In our new HD OBVan Special 2010 we present 42 new HD OBVans from all across EMEA. And because 3D is one the rise, the first 3D truck in Europe is described in quite detail. In February the Olympics in Vancouver have attracted a worldwide audience with HD pictures and surround sound and the FIFA World Cup 2010 in June/ July again has attracted spectators from all around the planet with pictures in HD and for the first time in 3D. The production of both events is covered in this issue. You also will find detailed presentations of 16 European System Integrators.

The 3D Booklet and the HD OBVan Special 2010 complement each other perfectly. The 3D Booklet is available at €10 and the HD OBVan Special at €25 at the Live-Production.TV stand #38. Have a look and see yourself.

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