General Contact

Kuriel Erez Owner

Shadal 1, St IL- Tel Aviv Israel +972 505 297 266 (work)

Point2Point HD OBVan

General Contact

Kuriel Erez Owner

Shadal 1, St IL- Tel Aviv Israel +972 505 297 266 (work)

Point2Point HD OBVan Monitor Wall

Technical Synopsis


Name of Truck
HD Formats
  • 1080i
Length (m)
Width (m)
Height (m)
Voltage (V)
  • 220/240


Vision Mixer - Production 1
1x ATEM (Blackmagic)
DVE - Production 1
1x ATEM OnBoard (Blackmagic)
Monitor Lines - Production 1
Displays Production 1
  • 2x 17" Smartview (Blackmagic)
  • 2x 49" FW-49X8370C (Sony)
Multiviewers/Splitters Production 1
ATEM (Blackmagic)
Stereo Sound
TRUTH Series (Behringer)


5x URSA Mini 4.6K (Blackmagic)
Digi Power (Fujinon)
Pro TwinLeg (Manfrotto)
Monitor Lines
2x 17" Smartview (Blackmagic)
Digital Glue
Teranex (Blackmagic)
Video Matrix
1x Videohub (Blackmagic)
Measurement Equipment
Smart Control (Blackmagic)


4x HyperDeck (Blackmagic)


Audio Mixer
1x X32 (Behringer)
Audio Matrix
1x Videohub (Blackmagic)


Intercom Matrix
1x Cronus (RTS)


As a company, Point2Point’s range of event production is extremely varied; from medical conferences and conventions through to live demonstrations at exhibitions and trade shows, and recently expanded to cover major international events including the Tel Aviv Marathon and President Trump’s visit to Israel, where the OB van was stationed at the international press center. Point2Point’s OB van is five meters long and has been designed to house up to eight crew members comfortably, including a live director, CCU, audio, graphics and director roles. When the team planned out the truck, Erez Kuriel, Point2Point’s owner envisioned it as one large working space, rather than divided into sections. This gives us a very flexible and spacious environment which can be adapted to our very varied calendar of OB jobs.
For the Tel Aviv Marathon Point2Point set up the van next to the start/finish line, and to capture the atmosphere and scale of the race, the team set up four of our Blackmagic URSA 4.6K cameras, equipped with 7” viewfinders, intercom system and tally over Rockah Avenue, which were connected to the van via fiber optic. Simultaneously, to track the leading racers, there was one cameraman shooting from the back of a motorbike, and two drones also transmitting signals into the van.

The live program mix was delivered through an ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K paired with a 1 M/E Panel, with the team adding live graphics, runner and race information into the mix. Interestingly, the ATEM’s multiviewer was not only used by the production team, but also by the race’s safety and security team, so 2 50” LCD screens were set up in the van. Signal distribution for the whole workflow is handled by the van’s Smart Videohub 20x20.

As well as transmitting to the screens throughout the course, Point2Point also provided a live signal feed for national broadcasters who were covering the event on their morning shows. Content was also captured using our HyperDeck Studio Mini recorders, so that footage could be edited for clips and highlights for the Marathon’s official site. The recorders are so compact, just a third of a rack, so they are perfect for an OB set up, where space is at a premium.

The team did an amazing job and produced some fantastic footage which really captured the excitement and enjoyment that the race generated throughout the city, and the Blackmagic production kit performed perfectly.