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RTL Televizija integrates Movie2Me in its tapeless workflow

From left to right: Z. Brebic, P. Jasenka, X. Thillen, D. Kovacevic, H. Adrijano

RTL Televizija, the Croatian television channel, decided to implement the tapelessdistribution system in their workflow. From January 2010, the distribution to and from the channel will be done via Movie2Me. Withthe integration of tapeless distribution, RTL Televizija completes its digital workflow,definitively giving up the tape.

Reducing the working loads

This integration will reduce the working loads and considerably reduce the costs. Movie2Mehas already been selected by many customers around the world, such as 20th Century Fox,Sony, CBS, Warner, NBC Universal, FremantleMedia, RTL TVI, RTL Nederland, MedienGruppe RTL Deutschland, etc… to be linked to majors around the world, such as Century Fox, Sony, CBS, NBC Universal, FremantleMedia, etc...
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